If you own a business, you know how crucial it is to gain exposure and promote your brand and product to the public. However, if you are still starting or limited on funds, marketing can be a daunting task when we speak of finances and effort. Be thankful that you are operating your business at the time of Facebook’s reign, making these worries go away.

Before we proceed to the discussion of what these Ads are and how to create and use them, let us talk about the basics that you do not want to miss when embarking on a Facebook marketing campaign. You already know by now how important it is for you to have your own official website and an official Facebook fan page that connects you to your target market and redirects them to your official website. Let us think of the ads as flyers or posters to an upcoming event. The upcoming event is your website or your Facebook page. Even if you have effective flyers, without an event, your ad placement and creation will be futile.

So let’s say that you already have established your official online location with a website and a Facebook page linked together. Now is the time to start thinking about putting ads on Facebook to make the public know the existence of your website and Facebook page.

You need to get people to like your page and since they cannot like it out of nowhere, you need to put ads on pages that they would most likely visit such as apps, groups, timelines, photos and of course, the home page. The wider the exposure, the more chances you have at being discovered and liked.

You probably are a Facebook user already but let me give a brief explanation on what these ads are. If you look at the right-hand column of whatever page it is you are in on Facebook, you will notice small and eye catching ads that would redirect you to a page with more information about the product. These ads can contain a one-liner text that compels you to know more. A striking image to go with it also enhances its effectiveness. This ad can also come with a like button that you can click on without having to go to the page.

So how exactly do these ads work? These ads are submitted by the owner to Facebook along with a description of its target market. Let us say that you are advertising fashion accessories and make up. Of course you will have a target market since make up is not for everyone. This description could include location, age group, gender and interests. Targeting people can also be based on relationship statuses, religions, spoken languages, educational background and even employment history. By making sure of that, your ad will be seen by the right people.

Now to create an effective Facebook ad, you first need to choose the page that you want to promote or redirect the ad to when clicked. This landing page can be any website, Make sure that the text of your ad contains pertinent details about what you are trying to promote, its unique features and qualities and special offers if any. People need to know why they should like a certain page or click on an ad.

With that, you also need to use clear calls to action that makes the viewer do something about the ad. Common examples would be “Like us to get updates on the latest products” or “Sign up to get exclusive discounts and offers.” Make sure it is more compelling that the simple “Buy now” or “Get your copy today.” The potential buyer must see that there is something in it for them.

Once you have set up your ad, you can rest assured that it is running according to your specified options. All you need to do is manage your existing ads as you see fit and evaluating their performance from the success rate reports that you will receive throughout the campaign.

Remember that Facebook has become increasingly popular these days and advertising on it is as effective if not more effective than advertising on the newspaper or any print publications.

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