Today, I’m talking about messenger bots, particularly Facebook Messenger bots. They’re really hot right now. I’m going to show you an example of how we’re using them, and how you can use them inside your Facebook advertising.

The following is taken from my Facebook Live show.

In this particular use case, we’re using a messenger bot to get more comments on our Facebooks ads.

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Why would I want more comments on my Facebook ads? Well, Facebook sees comments on an ad as a signal that your ad is very relevant. And when they see that, they show your ad to a wider audience, they give you more room inside their algorithm, and they charge you less. So it’s good to get comments on your ads.

Now I’ll show you how we use a messenger bot to help automate that.

Here we have our ad connected to a messenger bot. Our ad copy says, “Want the Messenger Ads formula? Leave a comment with the word “Yes” and I’ll send it to you.”

When someone comments using the word “Yes” the bot is watching and responds. It opens up Facebook Messenger on my phone with: “Hey, Rick. Here’s how to get the three-step formula. Respond to this message with the word “Facebook” and I’ll immediately send you to the three-step formula. Just reply here with the word “Facebook” for access. Okay?”

Facebook requires that a person takes an action inside of Messenger before they become a subscriber. So in order for me to get this person to become a subscriber, I need them to take an action – click a button in the bot or type something in response to the bot.

Now why would I want a Messenger subscriber? Well, if you’re communicating with people through Facebook Messenger it currently has an 80 percent open rate and higher. Whereas, e-mail currently only has a 20 percent open rate.

Now I’m sure us marketers are going to ruin that and drive those open rates down, like we always do. However, right now, Messenger is pretty hot. It’s a great way to communicate. There are a lot of people using that app.

Once I type the word “Facebook” it responds with: “Awesome. Just click the button below to get the three-step formula.” Now I could have just sent you right to the three-step formula at this point, but, I want to show how you can use a Messenger bot with menus to further direct your viewers.

So now we have this menu that says, “Click here.” And once I do click that on my phone – It’s going to bring me to the landing page. Instead you could send them directly to your offer – maybe it’s a discount for something their purchasing and you bring them right to the shopping cart.

Or, if you really want to torture them and get a little more out of this, you can do what I did right here.

I bring them to this page that says: Okay, where should I send the formula? So now I’m asking them for their e-mail address.

That’s a bit much, right?

I’ve already asked them to comment on my ad, answer me on Messenger, click a button on Messenger, type a word on Messenger, and now I’m asking for their e-mail.

Well, this was a test we were running, and I don’t recommend you have that many steps. But I wanted to show you the possibilities.

The less friction you have and the fewer steps you have, the more likely you’re going to get a conversion.

However, it’s not always a bad thing to have a little more friction. Just because you get a lot of leads doesn’t mean they’re qualified leads, right?

Some of our clients are selling high-ticket items. So it’s okay to have someone jump through a few hoops. People that tend to do that, tend to be highly qualified, more interested in getting that particular product.

This is just one example of how you can use Facebook Messenger bots to work with your Facebook ads to get more comments. And getting more comments helps drive the cost of your advertising down. In future episodes I’ll show you other ways to use Messenger Bots in your Facebook Advertising.

In Summary:

1. You can use bots to get more comments on your Facebook ads

2. More comments means higher relevance score

3. This leads to greater reach and lower ad costs

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