Facebook introduced four new targeting features for paid ads which are becoming simpler and more powerful for businesses or advertisers to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types, namely, location, demographic, interests, and behaviors. Facebook is also adding “Partner Categories” to the Ads Create Tool for the US businesses so that every brands or local businesses can use this highly targeted option to expand their marketing campaigns. These new targeting options will help advertisers target the right audience based on the new four targeting features.

Facebook is giving businesses new options when it comes to targeting more than one billion users worldwide using this largest social media website on the Internet. What Facebook emphasizes on now is to reach the specifically targeted audiences with tailored messages. Facebook uses many different tools to collect and hold massive amount of data on every user including their location, age, interests, behaviors, and more. These new features will help advertisers to target the right audience for their ads. Advertisers will have a lot more control over how their targeted ads can result in attracting their potential customers or audience based on specific geographical location, types of education, interests, and behaviors.


This specific feature now allows the marketers or advertises to display ads to people who live near their brick-and-mortar locations. For instance, if you are a business entity, you can build campaigns around any geographical locations, narrowing down to more specific locations, such as country and code, country and state, state and city, city and ZIP code, etc. You can also exclude certain areas.


This new feature allows you to reach people based on their specific demographic characteristics. For example, if you are an employer and looking for an HR specialist in London, now you can send targeted ads to recruiting firms in London. You can also target people with specific qualifications, and people holding certain job titles.


Advertisers or marketers on Facebook now can reach people specifically based on their particular interests. Facebook has developed a new methodology that allows the marketers to choose one segment under broad categories and keywords, making it more precise when it comes to targeting a particular segment of a wider audience. For instance, if you choose basketball as your targeting segment to reach basketball fans, you will be able to reach people that have liked or expressed interest in basketball related topics on Facebook.


Facebook is including this new paid ads option that will give marketers the ability to target campaigns to people based on devices they use or things they buy. For example, if you want to reach people interested in mobile apps that use Androids or iPhones, you will use behaviors to build your target audiences for your products or services and more.

Final Words

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms on the Internet businesses that advertisers are increasingly relying on to advertise their brands, products and services. The new targeting options for Facebook advertising will give marketers the opportunity to influence very specific target groups of consumers to expand their businesses. These new options will also enable the advertisers to go after the most specific audience in an easier and more efficient manner. The more specific ads will generate more leads and conversions to maximize their revenue.