social media advertising

Explainer videos are a tremendous tool for commercial websites to use to present their businesses better. They are also widely popular as advertisements across the Internet.

However, there is only so much growth that a company can gain using their website. They need to expand their reach in order to maintain a steady growth rate, and Facebook is the perfect place to reach a new audience.

How Do Explainer Videos Work as Facebook Ads?

Social media advertising is a key part of most marketing campaigns. But only 1% are proven to be beneficial for companies. Why?

The problem with most social media ads these days is that they look shady and scammy unless they come from well-known companies. People are reluctant to click on an ad and share it, even when they think it’s a good one. In fact, less than half of social media ads get more than 1000 shares.

An explainer video is more trustworthy for social media advertising. Even Facebook themselves encourages companies to use motion graphics in their Facebook ads.

Unlike still-image advertising, a video can pack more than just promotional nonsense. It can actually shed light on your company, its product and how it works, all in one place.

Why Choose Facebook?

You may be wondering, “Why not Twitter or Instagram?” Well, compared to other social media sites, Facebook has tremendous flexibility for ad options. You can place an ad on Facebook for practically next to nothing, although the price varies from one industry to another.

Also, the audience pool is much bigger on Facebook–and also it’s integrated with Instagram, which is the second-largest social media advertising platform. The point is, once you start out on Facebook, you have a way to branch out.

How You Should Do Facebook Video Ads

  1. Upload all of your advertising content natively to Facebook.Videos that are natively uploaded to Facebook will have certain advantages over linked videos. Here are some of them:
    1. It will feature more prominently in the feed.
    2. It will play automatically.
    3. It will have in-depth analytics.
  2. Design all content for mobile.Since Facebook users’ preferences have shifted from desktop to mobile, consider optimizing your video for mobile devices. You can do this by:
    1. Using vertical or square video. Keep in mind that desktop users tend to strongly dislike vertical videos.
    2. Making short videos (15 seconds or less) to have a better completion rate.
  3. Design for no sound.While we’re on the subject of mobile browsing, many people have their phones on silent. Make sure that your video makes sense even without the sound. Here are a few workarounds:
    1. Choose simple imagery that makes sense even without any narration.
    2. Add a text layer to the video in addition to a voice-over, or…
    3. Use subtitles for your video.
  4. Grab attention quickly.

    Social media users scroll their news feeds quickly. It’s best to grab their attention as soon as possible. You can do this by:

    1. Starting your video with eye-catching visuals;
    2. Showing your brand or product as early as possible;
    3. Remembering that short videos work best.
  5. Add value to increase share-worthiness.Every marketing content, including video, has to have a quality it reaches for. There are several directions in which you can build your video:
      1. Intriguing.

    This is the most difficult trait to achieve in an ad since it contradicts a popular stigma that ads are mischievous and misleading in the online community. Let me explain.

    Advertising on Facebook isn’t discreet at all. There’s a label that says “promoted,” which lets people know it is indeed an advertisement. However, when a video ad is well executed, people will be dying to see more of it.

      1. Entertaining

    Entertainment is a moving target, and it’s a quick one to hit. Have you tried watching kids’ shows, like Blue’s Clues, with their repetitions and lengthy pauses? Can you imagine loving it?

    I didn’t think so. But children love it because it’s repetitive and predictable. The point is, entertainment is subjective. It depends heavily on your target audience.

Closing Thought

Explainer videos are a powerful type of content to use as a social media ad, especially on Facebook. It all comes down to how you design it. If you follow the tips I gave, your chances of succeeding on using Facebook video ads will increase.