Concerned about your Facebook privacy? I wasn’t until I realized how much of my own information was available to complete strangers! Facebook View Profile As feature allows you to see how your profile information appears to the public.

It’s also the best way to check if you’re privacy settings are set up and working correctly.

Privacy has also been a touchy subject since Facebook rolled out it’s Open Graph Search Feature and if you noticed, Facebook also recently introduced it’s own privacy shortcuts menu.

facebook privacyFacebook Privacy Shortcuts Menu

Privacy Shortcuts

Within the shortcut menu you can set up your Facebook profile privacy settings including:

  • Who can see your stuff — including future posts, things you’re tagged in, and what do other people see on your timeline.
  • Who can contact you — such as filtering options for your inbox and who can send you friend requests.
  • How do you stop someone from bothering you — by blocking them by name or email

Take your time to set up your profile privacy settings! Once finished, it’s time to use Facebook View As Feature to see how others will see your profile.

Here’s how:

Video Tutorial

View As Public or Specific Person

After accessing the Facebook View As tool, you will be able to choose between seeing what your timeline looks like to the general public, or a specific person by simply typing their name. Obviously this is going to look very different depending on how you originally set up your privacy settings.

You know you’re in the right spot if your screen looks like this:

facebook privacy view

You can either choose view as public or specific person

Keep in mind things you hide from your Timeline still appear in news feed, search, and other places on Facebook.

Once you see this black bar, scroll down and take a good look around your Timeline. Visit your about page as well as photos. This way you can make sure people who aren’t your friends or subscribers aren’t seeing something you didn’t want them to.

To exit the Facebook View As feature simply click the “X” in the upper left hand corner.

Now I highly encourage you to check your privacy settings. I didn’t realize how much of my information was readily available until I did. It’s important to know what you’re allowing total strangers to find out about you from your Facebook page.