Facebook judges everything you do. Every post, photo, like, purchase – they’re watching you, and taking notes. And now included in your Facebook ‘report card’ are the videos you view and post to your page.

The popular social platform has introduced a new update to its reports and insights that analyzes the performance of videos posted on your page. This refers to videos you upload to your Facebook page through Facebook – this does not relate with anything on your YouTube, Vine, Vimeo channel, etc.

So who’s to say if I like sharing video of cats? Or clips from the All-Star game? I can’t help what I like to watch.

No worries – your videos won’t be removed. And if your fans like the clips you share, keep doing what you’re doing. Watch what you want – just expect to see more of it.

Ok – then why does this update affect my business?

Watching videos on Facebook is only one piece of the puzzle. This mainly means a change for the businesses who upload videos.

It brings us back to those three special words: Content. Is. King. The better your video is – the better it will perform. So if you’re posting video after video where users have to tilt their heads to view it, fans can’t really hear what’s going on, or the camera is shaky – your page’s content may get left in the dust.

Reducing the ranking for poor content isn’t groundbreaking. Google did the same thing with its first Panda Update. But now Facebook is up to speed and wants to take this opportunity to get to know its users even better than they already do. Just like Facebook Exchange tracks customers’ online shopping habits and ads are served to users based on their likes and interests – this new video update is another way to find out what your potential customers like and give them more of it.

The update features a handful of new insights you can view in your settings as a page admin, including whether or not someone has watched the video, audience viewer breakdowns, how long your video was viewed for, the average duration, organic and paid views, and more. This all serves to help you see what’s working – what people like or where they tune out.

So what should I be posting and sharing with my fans?

Remember that Facebook rates the quality of your content. What does this mean? Hokey, salesy, overly wordy and spammy images and videos are a no go. While they won’t get removed from your page, they will be judged by the Facebook algorithm and slowly pushed out of your followers’ news feed.

Why? Because most people don’t go to Facebook to watch bad videos. Fans are looking to see something funny, relevant, helpful, intriguing, or educational – not lengthy or poorly made.

The Bottom Line

If people ignore your video, less and less viewers will see it. If people watch it, they’ll see more videos similar to yours. This goes for the same as videos you view yourself. If you love watching funny babies, you’re going to be served more funny baby videos. If you’re not an avid video viewer on Facebook, don’t expect to see a whole lot of more videos in the top of your news feed.

The mantra of online advertising rings true with this recent Facebook update: always create and share interesting, relevant, compelling, and high quality content.

Simple as that – now the ball is in your court to keep viewers tuned in and attract more eyes.