Do you think back to your days on the school playground and cringe a little bit? The cliques and drama were enough to drive even the most level-headed third grader crazy. So the thought of going back to those schoolyard days might seem unbearable, but hear us out.

Facebook is a lot like the grown up version of a school playground. People show up in force to shout their opinions, mingle with other friends, and stand in line for class, er, a cause. It’s the digital, adult schoolyard. As an advertiser, you need to treat it as such if you want to get your voice heard and get in with the right crowd.

Here’s how and why you should treat your Facebook advertising like the school playground.

Get Cliquish

School playgrounds are full of cliques. There are the nerds, the popular crowds, and the athletes. These cliques never think about mingling with other crowds. They are too caught up in their own interests.

In your Facebook advertising, you should act the same.

Treat your target audience like a clique. Work hard to appeal only to their needs. Maintain a relentless focus on getting that clique to fall in love with you. When they see how great you are, you’ll be welcomed in with open arms and adored by the entire group.

Be Careful Who You Let Join Your Group

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to appeal to all the kids on the school playground. That was a bad choice in elementary school and it’s a bad choice today.

Although you want as many people as possible to fall in love with your business, you can’t appeal to the masses. By trying to let everyone into your group, you dilute your message and lose the interest of the crowds you’re trying to appeal to.

Don’t be afraid to turn some people away from your group. If your product doesn’t help men as much as it helps women, that’s okay. Target women only and don’t worry about catering to the men. You only have a split second to get your target audience’s attention. You need a message that’s powerful enough to capture your buyer. By trying to appeal to the masses, you’ll weaken your message and lose sales.

Show and Tell

In school, you brought props to the schoolyard to show your friends all the cool things you did at home. On Facebook, you need to do the same.

The picture you choose is just as important, if not more so, as the text you use. It is the visual storyteller that grabs your audience’s attention and draws people into what you’re promoting. Without a good picture, you’ll lose interest and your ad will fail to convert.


Although you might not want to relive your schoolyard days, there are benefits to drawing out those old lessons and incorporating the tactics into your Facebook advertising strategy. With these tips you’ll stand out in front of the people who matter the most – your buyers.