We all know that Facebook is home to billions of users who check the site multiple times a day. We also know that successful advertising campaigns vary on a lot of factors. However, there are a few industries where Facebook advertising seems to work better than others.

The top three industries where Facebook advertising works the best are Fashion, Auto, and Ecommerce. According to recent marketing case studies, these areas have the most followers and people that are interacting with the brands. SocialBakers states they “measured the total number of fan-to-fan interactions to determine just how they were engaging with each other on brands’ Pages. Fashion, auto, and ecommerce industries have the strongest communities, respectively, in terms of total interactions. This holds true for total Likes and Comments as well. It’s no surprise that fans in these industries want to discuss the latest lines and models.” A lot of products in these industries are visually oriented and picture-worthy, so that helps with the liking and commenting on products.

The restaurant and food industry is also one where Facebook advertising can be counted as successful. This is because (good) food provides great visuals and food is considered a universal language. Consider a mouth-watering photo of a steak and mashed potatoes from a high-end restaurant. A photo like this is often a topic of conversation among the online world, garnering comments, like, and shares, which is the perfect trifecta.

Something interesting to note, however, is that SocialBakers found that the most shares of Facebook come from the Travel, Nonprofit and “FMCG” or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods markets. The travel industry makes sense because of the visual nature of destinations, and the want to share what someone experienced. Sharing of content posted by nonprofits also makes sense because people love a feel good story and also, by nature, want to help others. Think of animal rescues sharing posts of adoptable animals. The FMCG markets, however, is where it can get a little tricky. The definition of a FMCG can vary, but usually products included in this category are food and beverages. Again, this makes sense that social media has many shares in this category because these goods are readily available and fairly disposable.

So what is the main takeaway from this information? Besides having a large following, a lot of users on Facebook are drawn to visual stimulation. If you have a colorful/interesting/unique photo or a subject matter worth talking about in your Facebook advertising, there is a better chance that you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

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