Facebook Campaign Ideas to Boost EngagementFacebook Campaign Ideas to Boost Engagement

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I make my Facebook campaigns more effective?”

Are your Facebook campaigns taking up too much time with not enough results?

Creating a successful Facebook contest, giveaway, or promotion takes more than one trial run in order to reach the most fans.

Consider making your next campaign into a theme or series that can be duplicated and regenerated to save you both time and money.

There are several reasons why a series will work for better engagement and more exposure online. Before giving up on that next Facebook campaign remember that your fans are eager to join in on the next Facebook promotion. Keeping up with a theme will build expectation and excitement, and help counteract Facebook’s latest changes to pages, which has affected organic reach.

Are you still not sure about launching another Facebook campaign? Then consider also that you can give new Facebook fans a reason to follow by grabbing the attention of visitors quickly with your series of promotions on your Page. This will make them want to come back for a chance to win.

Setting up a campaign to repeat will also save you from having to come up with a whole new concept, and will reduce the amount of campaigns you will need to run. Schedule your posts in advance and watch for a boost in social interactions. When you create a theme or series time is more efficient as posts are scheduled ahead of time. This frees your brand or business up to create more ideas for campaigns in the future.

Facebook campaigns do not have to be difficult or tedious. They are simple to execute, and easy for your fans to participate in. The key is to make your ideas simple for minimized confusion. And remember that a promotion may offer not just a prize, but also can be used to reward or acknowledge others.

Here are just a few examples of the type of Facebook campaigns that are effective for brands and businesses:

1. Ask questions to engage your audience

Find out the needs of your fans while keeping their attention at the same time for your Facebook campaigns by asking questions like, “Do you agree?,” optional questions such as Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, or fill in the blank questions. This is a good way to learn more about your target market and offer an incentive in return. Keep in mind that people love to provide their own words, and share what appeals to them. Make your questions easy to answer, and allow for the content to be inspiring, thought-provoking, and relatable.

Another great way to involve your fans is to choose one day of the week that will be for trivia. Your fans will come to expect this each week and will anticipate the next installment. Make it even more effective with a branded hashtag such as #FreeTuesday, keeping the phrase relevant to your niche. Be sure to include your services or products with an eye-catching visual, and a short time period where more than one winner is chosen.

2. Giveaway a product or service daily or weekly

Depending on what type of brand or business you have consider doing a free giveaway at regular intervals. A consistent schedule will draw attention to your fan Page and create an excitement and buzz around your brand. Be sure to abide by Facebook’s contest rules, and do not encourage shares to enter to win. Asking for ‘Likes’ or comments is a great idea, however; with a clear call-to-action centered around the product or service.

Here’s a great example from the XFINITY Fan Page on Facebook of a contest using an eye-catching graphic and sweepstakes offer:


3. Promote your colleagues

Double the fun for both your brand and those you do business with or follow as an influencer by partnering up with them for a promotion. This pays off in the long run as you can ask them later on to do a Facebook campaign for your business. When cross-promoting another company be sure to tailor it to your shared target audience, and provide a branded hashtag that they can share also.

4. Offer something of value

Choose a day where you can free tips and advice for your fans. Make this short, simple and with an easy-to-follow graphic and instructions.

5. Choose a special promotion

Once a week or even each month choose a time to provide a promotional coupon to drive sales. When done on a regular basis your audience will come to expect this and will not be offended by a sales offer.

When creating consistent, recurring Facebook campaigns you not only build more of an awareness for your brand’s products or service, but also attract even more Fans who will want to engage with your posts. Placing these on a regular schedule ahead of time will help make your time more efficient and allow your business to be creative not just on Facebook but in other social networks as well.