Importance of Facebook Hashtags

Many businesses may not see the value in Facebook hashtags, even though there was an outcry for them from general users. Some think that they aren’t useful or may even hurt their posts on their Facebook Pages.

The truth is, there is a right and wrong way to create hashtags and depending on how you use them they can either be helpful or hurtful. The wrong way to use a Facebook hashtag is by making up a word. This will definitely be useless to you and provide no value.

Using hashtags that are of popular subjects and topics is the right way to gain attention to your post as well as, have it seen by the appropriate audience. A hashtag can be useful as it creates an almost automatic RSS-like feature on Facebook and allows others (even those outside your page) to follow a specific topic that was created into a Facebook hashtag.

As you can see in the example below, this screenshot was taken not from a Facebook page, but instead, my Facebook newsfeed. If you look right above the post, you will see #marketing and the amount of articles that have been associated with that particular Facebook hashtag.

Purpose of a Facebook Hashtag

As seen in the above image, #marketing was used within the text of the post and now displays as a resource to other like-minded people wanting to know more about the topic.

Remember that adding repeated hashtags to every post is not necessarily going to have you obtain more social actions nor is it a guarantee that your post will become popular.

With that said, you will gain exposure. Never under value exposure, since not only in this instance will using a Facebook hashtag help you gain exposure on Facebook, but it too is displaying your brand amongst the appropriate targeted people.