demographic is too old for facebookYou may have hesitated to put your business or organization on Facebook if it caters to senior citizens and those concerns are completely valid; there is a portion of that demographic that will not touch a computer, even with a stick. My loveable Luddite Grandpa Tommy is one of those people. He draws the line at cable TV and cordless phones (and I’m talking about a land line, folks).

And then there are people like Edythe Kirchmaier who, just recently, became Facebook’s oldest user at 106. She signs into Facebook frequently to keep in touch with family and friends. Krichmaier is also using the site to raise awareness for a charity called Direct Relief, which provides medical aid to those who have been affected by natural disasters and poverty.

There is a growing number of people just like Kirchmaier who are active users on social media. In fact, the 74+ bracket is the fastest growing demographic on all social media networks. Not only that, but the 74+ demographic has 47 times the net worth of households headed by people that are 35 and older. So, what do these seniors do on Facebook? Well

  • 40% use it to connect with friends and family
  • 30% use it to share photos
  • 20% like the site for social gaming
  • 10% enter contests and giveaways

With those stats, it’s obvious the older set is definitely worth connecting with on social media. Here are some ideas for creating a Facebook page that any senior would love to Like.

Use Images
Research is making it clear that this demographic loves to share images. If you run an independent living facility, for example, residents and their family members would love to see images of the daily activities and happenings around the center. Another example is an image with an inspiring quote; quotes that are paired with an image really appeal to many different people and are likely to drive quite a bit of engagement to your page. As long as the image is relevant to your post, you’re golden.

Create Compelling Content
In addition to being huge fans of images, the senior demographic loves stories. If your business has a blog, you can create posts that ring true to your customer. This blog is not about me or my Grandpa, yet I included a little aside about him to illustrate a point. Creating a story out of relevant information gives you a solid readership that will share your stories with others and visit time and time again.

Appease to Their Loyalty
Once you become a trusted brand with this demographic, they will stick with you for life. According to Miranda Anderson of JWT, online seniors are more brand-loyal than their younger counterparts with 63% saying that once they find a brand they like, they stick to it.

After all is said and done, you should treat your senior demographic as you would anyone else. Create a friendly environment that pays attention to its followers and makes them the stars of the show.