Facebook, this is a site that most of us have become accustomed to using. Think 10 years back how people never really used social media sites. Now, individuals can’t imagine their lives without Facebook. People post all sorts of important things on Facebook; for instance, my friends often post engagement pictures, while others post pictures of their newborn babies. It is a wonderful tool to see what people are up to. Others, myself included, love to post things and see what people have to say about it.

People have gotten used to the standard website. Now, this is all changing. Rumor has it that Facebook is going to be introducing the new “Facebook Timeline” soon. Soon is a relative term, it may be tomorrow or next month. However, it is clear that Facebook is changing it’s layout. Some people are greatly against this change, but I say, why not? Facebook has constantly been tweaking things―and most of it has been for the better.

The new timeline is a great tool that will enable people to see what they have done the whole time they have been on Facebook. Right now, the focus is really on what you think right now and what you are doing at the moment. Sometimes, it is hard to see what someone is up to, Facebook is out to change that. They want your most important accomplishments, like graduation, to be something that people can find easily. They don’t want your graduation pictures to vanish because you recently posted about what your mom told you.

Sometimes, you might even want to find something that you, or a friend said on Facebook. The problem there is the only what to do so is by clicking the “Older Posts” button over and over. Because of that, it is sometimes not worth it to do all of the work to find an old post. With the new timeline, you will be able to see everything you have posted about. You can rediscover the different things that you have shared on Facebook―from videos, to posts, to comments.

Timeline is also a lot more visual. At the top of your profile there is a cover. It is like a banner, where you can choose something that is displayed on your page. It really makes Facebook even more personal than it already is. It helps you show off your creative side.

After you see the awesome cover that you got to pick for yourself, you get to see everything that you have posted while on Facebook. It’s really cool to see what was important to you at different times and what you deemed “post-worthy”.

All in all, this new Facebook timeline seems like a great movement forward. Sure, it might take some time to get used to, but the awesome things that are included with this new layout will have us wondering why Facebook didn’t have this sooner.

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