Facebook not only keeps us connected with people, we care for but also entertain us through its various game applications. Whenever, we feel overloaded with work pressure, we can take a break and can enjoy some interesting games on Facebook and thus can add some element of entertainment to our routine job.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the games, which are highly popular among the Facebook users.

YoVille (By Zynga)

The Company is proud to have games for everyone including party, board games and casino. This game can not only be found on Facebook, but people having account in other social networking sites like, Hi5, Friendster, MySpace and Bebo can also enjoy playing this game. Here the users can create their own characters by bringing a change in their attire and appearance. 

Word Challenge (By Playfish)

If you have a strong vocabulary then you will definitely going to enjoy this game. Here people play for acquiring the crown of Resident Wordsmith. There will be nothing wrong to say that this is a good game for testing one’s level of intellect.

KickMania (By The Broth)

Through this game you can harm your enemy virtually by merely using a rag-doll avatar. This application will undoubtedly make you understand how far you have kicked off your friend. Isn’t that awesome!!

Pacman (By Unit 501)

This version makes you zip around a maze without getting caught by ghosts. According to this game, if you can eat up a ghoul your points will be raised four-fold.

Flixster (By Flixster)

More than 6 million people play this game per month. In this game you have to answer questions like, what dresses actresses wore in the last award functions? Or from what disease an actor is suffering from? So, answer these simple questions and earn points. This is also a very interesting game to play.

Though several games can be played on Facebook these are some of the most popular ones.

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