The July news cycle may have been all about Olympic spirit, heat waves and 4th of July national pride, but you wouldn’t know it judging from the most Liked posts by Brands on Facebook. Track Social, a leading social media analytics platform and consultancy, tracks more than 10,000 brands across hundreds of metrics in near real time. Of the hundreds of thousands of posts tracked during the month of July, ten stood above the rest and drove massive amounts of Likes.

It turns out that America’s favorite hero last month wasn’t an Olympian. It was UPS driver Kenneth Donleycott who found a missing Alzheimer’s patient. With 878,313 Likes, this was one of the most Liked posts of all time. This single post received more than twice the number of Likes as the actual UPS Facebook page. Clearly Facebook loves a hometown hero.

Facebook also Likes pictures. 9 of the top 10 posts were photo-based. This is in line with Track Social’s recently released white paper findings showing significantly higher engagement across the board when brands post photos rather than videos or statuses.

Disney took 3 spots in the Top 10 by pulling at our heartstrings with nostalgic imagery and a birthday salute to the happiest place on earth.

And finally, proving that some rivalries never get old, New York Yankees make a double appearance in the Top 10, twice taking a swing at perennial adversary Boston Red Sox.

The Track Social Top 10 Facebook Posts for July 2012:

UPS Hometown Hero

Don’t Forget to Smile Today!

God’s Plan

Happy Birthday to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Tribute to Andy Griffith

Sport’s Greatest Rivalry Continues

Steve Nash’s New Suit

Everyone Likes the Rainbow

Still No Love For Beantown

Steady Like The River

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