Track Social follows hundreds of thousands of posts made by brands on Facebook every month, and here are the most Most Liked from April 2013.

April was a month marred by a horrible tragedy that also showed how social networks allow a breadth of community empathy and support that has never before been possible. Witness over 600,000 Likes for ABC News’ simple post with a quote from the father of one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and a photo of the boy.

Track Social’s pick of the month: the irony of the UFC fighter, aptly named Bendo, ruthlessly beating his opponent to a pulp, only to fall to his knees before a cute girl with curly hair. Knowing when to fight, and when to kneel, is an important talent.

The Track Social Top 10 Most Liked Facebook Brand Posts for March 2013*:

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*Data is as of time of publishing. List is limited to 1 Post per Brand. Only Brands are included with recognized products, not celebrities or organizations.