So, your newsletter subscription form is embedded on your website. Which essentially means that subscribers need to come to it. But what if, instead of playing hard to get, your newsletter subscription form could come… to your subscribers instead? This is exactly what Facebook Lead Ads lets you do: gain new subscribers by putting your newsletter subscription right in front of your target audience.

So, what exactly are Facebook Lead Ads?

Essentially, Lead Ads are regular looking Facebook Ads that, when tapped on, instantly display a form whose fields are pre-populated with the information that the person has shared with Facebook: email address, phone number etc.. The person reviews the information (and modifies if necessary) and then, in a total of 2 taps, they’ve successfully signed up to receive the price estimate, product demo, or newsletter (wink wink) being offered.

Not bad, but sell me a little more on it.

OK, we get that online forms might not have made you fall off your chair, but Lead Ads are actually a pretty cool opportunity to proactively find people interested in your newsletter and get them to sign up on the spot. Plus, these ads are highly adapted to smartphone viewing format. Facebook says that normal online forms can take 38.5% longer to complete than desktop versions, so Lead Ads can actually make the connection and signup process between you and your customers faster and smoother.


Image: Adweek

Cool. And how do I use Facebook Lead Ads with Mailjet?

First, start by creating the Lead Ad itself in your Facebook ads account. Do make sure that the fields in your Lead Ads match those within your Mailjet contact list so that the data you’re collecting is easily synced into the correct fields. From here, the power of Zapier comes in. Zapier let’s you connect the apps you love with 500+ other apps. We’ve actually already set up this Facebook x Mailjet Zap for you (because who doesn’t like taking less time to do things?) and you can find it here. In a few simple steps you will choose the Facebook Page from which you will conduct Lead Ads and the Mailjet list you want the new subscribers added into, and voila! Subscriber sync has begun. Here’s an example of how this looks in Zapier:


Ready for Take Off?

Here’s direct access to the Zap. Craving more info about Facebook Lead Ads? It’s all here. New to Zapier? Here’s all the info you need.