Here are some very easy steps for you to explore. You can even do these by yourself only.

1. Create business Facebook Page

Go to in order to create an account. Only if you have a personal account on Facebook, you are able to create Facebook business page. You need to log in your personal Facebook account; control the functions and privacy settings of that page. Remember, your personal page and professional page are two different entities on Facebook.

2. Choose your business category

Once you go to the ‘create’ page, you land on the classification page. Now choose the desired category of your business. Once selected, enter your business name and fill in the required details. Decide your Facebook page name well in advance and stick to it. Then provide your company an image or a logo to give it a recognition on Facebook. Remember that this image will become the face of your business on Facebook.

3. Describe your business

The next step is to put up content describing your business or brand. This is the best way to promote Facebook page. You can utilize paid service, but if your business has just started out and you don’t want to shell out more money, then you can do the advertising on your own. Try reaching out to as many people as possible; invite your friends and colleagues to promote Facebook page of your business. Remember that likes gather more likes and it works like a chain reaction if everything on your Facebook business page is appealing and interesting.

Using Facebook To Market Your Business

In order to come up with the most creative marketing or advertising of a business, you have to promote and boost your business page. Take a glance on these tips.

1. Promote Facebook Page

If you aren’t the only one responsible for Facebook page management of your business, you will have to set up different admins for the page. They need to be in your circle in order to get access to the page editing feature. For this, you will have to add them in the field available under manage admins. Remember that all the admins added to your Facebook page management have the authority to add, edit or remove anything from the page, so choose the admins wisely. Even these admins should help promote Facebook page of your business to enhance the growth of your brand and be dedicated to your Facebook page management.

2. Boost Facebook Page

Facebook has a very valuable tool called Insights that enables you to boost Facebook page and gauge your page statistics. It provides you a 7-day information about the likes your business page got and the engagement of audience on your page. All the metrics are placed to boost Facebook page and give you the best insights to the traffic on your page. You can evaluate whether there has been a boom or downfall in your audience through using the tool.

There is another valuable app known as networked blogs which have an embedded service that automatically posts your latest blog to Facebook. It works by importing your newly published post from your blog and puts it on the wall of your business Facebook page.

Utilize the potential and power of Facebook to market your business. Don’t miss these – always be creative and follow your heart!