Star Trek premiered on September 8, 1966, making today the 50th anniversary of the original series. To commemorate the occasion, Facebook decided to roll out some special Star Trek-themed reaction buttons to take the place of the everyday reaction buttons to which we’ve all quickly grown accustomed. Additionally, you can also add a Star Trek overlay to your profile photo.

Not everyone will receive the special themed reaction buttons, however. Only Facebook users in the United States and Canada who have added interests in Star Trek and/or science fiction will be able to add them. If that’s you, they should appear when you hover over the ‘Like’ button. The reactions themselves will stay the same if you select the temporary update. Only the images will change:

  • ‘Like’ = a galactic thumbs up
  • ‘Love’ = Vulcan salute
  • ‘Haha’ = Captain Kirk
  • ‘Wow’ = Spock
  • ‘Sad’ = Geordi
  • ‘Angry’ = Klingon

You’ll also know if you’ve expressed an interest on Facebook in Star Trek or science fiction if, when you log in, there is a USS Enterprise image greeting you and letting you know that today is the 50th anniversary of the show’s premiere.

Personally, I think the Klingon should be the default ‘angry’ image. Did you get the special Star Trek-themed reaction buttons? If so, let us know how you like them in the comments below!

Source: Medium