It has been over a decade since Facebook burst on the scene. Over the years, it has gone through countless changes. One of the most exciting changes were the additional tools now available to help businesses better use the site.

For example, Facebook created tools to give businesses the ability to promote their business through ads on the site. These ads have been helpful in generating sales for businesses. Facebook has now added a new tool to help businesses even more with this process; Facebook lead ads.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Here’s how it works: a user sees a marketer’s ad, along with a call to action such as “submit.” Click on that, and you’ll redirect to a sign-up form that looks suspiciously like the one you would find on a typical inbound landing page, except that Facebook automatically populates information from your profile into relevant fields. Users only have to fill in the missing information, hit “submit,” and they are captured as leads without ever leaving Facebook.

The concept behind lead ads was to help businesses generate more leads through Facebook. So far, it appears to be a fantastic addition. However, there are ways you can make it even more effective for your business.

Get the Sign-up Form Right

Marketers know that the sign up form can make or break your lead generation efforts. That’s no different on Facebook, despite the convenient auto fill feature outlined above.

To optimize your conversions and still capture meaningful information, make auto fill work for you: ask for a few fields (no more than three) that fall outside the automatically filled-in information like your audience’s names and contact information.

This information should be one that helps you categorize leads in your database, allowing you to segment your nurturing efforts based on individual preferences. For example, a fashion store may ask for age and/or color preferences to send only relevant offers, while a smartphone accessory merchant may want to ask for the specific model for which its audience is researching accessories.

Integrate With Your CRM

Facebook leads ads can only be truly effective if you capture your conversions in a meaningful and time-efficient way, and the best way to do so will remain your customer relationship management (CRM) software such as TieiT.

In order for this to be effective for your company, you must first determine the best way to analyze big data.

Big data is the large set of information that tells a business more about the patterns, trends and behavior associated with their industry. With this information, businesses can then discover certain groups of people who would be most likely to choose their product or service.

When marketers are looking to target these specific groups of individuals through social media, Facebook allows them to use lead ads. Lead ads are shown in the person’s news feed. When they sign up for the offer, Facebook then populates the form with information that is stored on Facebook servers.

This is something that can help save the reader time and will be a huge benefit to businesses because they will be more likely to sign up for the offer. When this happens, it will be easier for businesses to close sales and improve their standing in their industry.