Like Facebook CommentsYou DO have a Facebook page for you or your business don’t you? ;) Just making sure.

After finding your people to connect with, this social media marketing secret on Facebook is an easy way to keep your name in front of your fans. It ties in with Tip #2, “Engage Your Community.” and Tip #3 is “Ask Questions.”

Here in social media success secret Tip #4, after you’ve asked your question, you log out of Facebook. Seriously.

Nope, not joking.

Go run your business. But later on, you can pop back onto your Facebook page maybe an hour after you posted and just ‘like’ a comment that one your follwers have posted. Then go back to doing whatever you were doing. It takes less than 10 seconds.

What happens when you just click “like”?

When you do “like” a comment that someone posted, your question and your Facebook page comes back into the live news feed of all of your other fans and followers.

Yep, you initially just go and like the responses.

What that one action does is refreshes your question/content to your audience that just came in to their Facebook wall to check their updates. You reach another group of your audience, fans and followers since everyone gets on Facebook at different times of the day.

So you go in, you engage, you leave, you come back in an hour or so, and then you like some of the comments – could be just one comment – and that boosts it up in the news feed, and anybody who just logged in sees your latest question/comment in their news feed.

As people throughout the day see your post near the top of their news feed, they be seeing your question/post and think, “wow, there are 30 comments! I’ve gotta read these answers. Wait a minute, I’ve gotta put throw my opinion in too.”

Wanting to be a part of something and/or having the chance to share an opinion to a question attracts people. It’s almost irresistible!

It’s easy to keep that going. You “refresh” the post by simply “liking” ONE of the comments.

Don’t ‘like’ all the comments immediately, and don’t ‘like’ them the moment they are posted. Wait a bit.

‘Like’ those comments an hour later, a different one two hours later, another comment you like. And the next hour you ‘like’ another response.

Just clicking on a comment seriously takes a second. Once you Like that comment, BOOM! Your question is right back at the top of every follower’s news feed! :)

Is that it?

Yep, it’s really that easy.

If you want, keep it on your computer screen, and throughout the day hit F5 to refresh that page, ‘like’ one of the comments, then, go back to your email, processing sales, or whatever it is you’re doing for your business. BOOM! :)

Later on in the evening, you can respond to as many of the comments as you want. Or do a group thank you.

That’s social media secret #4. An amazing way to connect with your community, save time and still get people into your conversation throughout the day.

What do you think?