Did you know that you could set up automated rules inside of your Facebook ad campaigns to improve your results?

Watch this quick tutorial and I’ll show you how we use it.

We find that with certain ads and campaigns if people see the ad three, four or more times, it starts to lose relevance. The relevance score goes down, there may even be some negative reporting which results in marketing costs going up. So in certain campaigns, what we want to do is to create an automated rule that turns the ad off if people are seeing it repeatedly in a given span of time. The ideal ad frequency varies depending on what type of campaign you are running and how big your audience is.

Watch here to find out how or read below.

First, you have to go to your Ad Set manager and select the ads you would like to apply the rule to. In this example, we are selecting these two ads. There is also an option to apply it to all the active ads.


Next is to create the rule or set the automated action that you want which is to turn off the ads.


The third step is to set the Rule Conditions. In this example we are going to select “Frequency” is greater than 4, and then click “Add” to add this rule. Then set the Time Range, which in this case is Last 14 days. With this setting, we want to look back over the last 14-day window and if the frequency has been greater than 4 as we have set it, we want it to turn the ad off.


We can also set up an alert or notification before the last step which is to name the rule. In my example here, the Rule Name is >4 Last 14 Days. Then click “Create” and that’s it!


Now it’s all set up, you can now go to the Facebook Ads Manager and manage these rules. In the Ads Manager dashboard, simply select Automated Rules, and you can see the listing of your automated rules. You can actually turn them on or off, you can edit, adjust or delete them from the Automated Rules setting.

And that’s it for today.

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