The world is filled with sounds and each has a story to tell. Believing that everyone deserves to experience perfect sound, Sennheiser, the award winning company for quality products in sound recording, transmission and reproduction, has launched a month long ‘Sounds of Life’ contest on Facebook for the promotions of its headphones and to engage with its fans on Facebook as well.

The contest invites fans to record the various sounds that make up life like the pleasant sound of windchimes, a baby’s laughter, the chirping of birds, coffee beans grinding, the frothing of milk and tinkling of glasses, just about anything from the plethora of sounds that we are surrounded with, some harmonious some intriguing.

Participants need to share it and get votes from their friends. A combination of public and jury votes can make you either a daily, weekly or mega winner. While the mega winner would win a Momentum headphone and a chance to meet with any of the Sennheiser’s celebrity endorsers, weekly winners would win Momentum On-Ear headphones and a coffee table book personally signed by Sennheiser artists Salim-Sulaiman and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The daily winners get a PX 80 foldable headphone and Sennheiser artist Raghu Dixit’s latest music album CD.

Sounds of Life on Facebook

The ‘Sounds of Life’ contest is hosted on a Facebook app of the same name. You need to like the page to participate. To submit a sound, you can either record a sound through the microphone or upload a sound file through the ‘Submit sound’ section. You can submit sounds of not more than 50 seconds long, and fortunately multiple times.


I recorded a sound through the app but wasn’t able to submit after playing the recording. The good thing is that the Facebook app works on your smartphone too provided you aren’t using any iOS device as the app does not support recording or uploading files on iOS. However you can listen to the sounds in the gallery and vote for your favourites. Latest versions of Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 will work (as given in the Terms & Conditions).

So I tested with an Android enabled smartphone and was able to both record and submit my recording. The app then provided options for sharing and inviting friends on Facebook.

You can check out the entries submitted by others and vote for them. You can also help the entry to earn more votes by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the app features a link to buy Sennheiser products online.

Wall updates share the progress with details about the daily and weekly winners. The contest has also been made exciting by having a different theme everyday. While today’s theme is ‘party’, two days back it was ‘gadgetry’.


Twitter is also being leveraged to spread the word with the hashtag #Soundsoflife.

Sennheiser connects with its fans

The sole role of social media is to create a platform of conversations with the community. And Sennheiser India is doing it right with its ‘Sounds of Life’ contest on Facebook. Getting fans to record everyday sounds of life and then spicing it up with a new theme everyday is sure to keep them engaged with the app the whole month.

The Facebook app has a simple design and layout and works smoothly till the recording stage; I wasn’t able to proceed further to submit the recorded sound (checked in Firefox, Chrome and Explorer). Being a like-gated one and also supporting mobile devices, the app will help grow the fan base from the existing 257K.

A well themed contest designed for Facebook with relevant prizes will definitely work in the favour of Sennheiser. I hope the glitch on the web Facebook app is worked on soon and fans can submit their sounds of life.

Do share your experiences on the ‘Sounds of Life’ Facebook campaign by Sennheiser India.