Scheduled Facebook Post: How to Edit a Scheduled Post in 7 Simple StepsSo you know how make scheduled Facebook posts. Maybe you’ve used them before, and you are beginning to use them more often, but you need to change one or two. Facebook recently enabled the option for “editing” a scheduled post, but as far as it goes for me, it didn’t work at first. I noticed they took the option away for a limited period, and when it came back, it did work. (Yay!)

Before we get into how to edit your scheduled Facebook posts, let’s cover why we would use scheduled Facebook posts to begin with. Many people don’t agree with social media automation, so scheduling posts is almost like committing a cardinal sin, and at one point, I might have been one of those people, but as my business has grown, and I have more than one client, I can see the positive side of automation. It enables you to schedule a few posts throughout the day, and check in during time when work isn’t as heavy. This is still genuine interaction, and as long as you are engaging with your audience and their responses, I don’t see any problems with doing this.

I do have a few rules for scheduled Facebook posts and since we’re on the topic, I wanted to share them with you, before we get to how to edit them, after we’ve created them.

My Rules for Scheduled Facebook Posts

  1. I don’t post more than 2-3 times a day on Facebook. I will schedule these once a week if I can. It takes some time, but allows me to focus on the engagement later.
  2. Check in 2-3 times a day on those posts. I will check on my scheduled Facebook posts in the morning, early afternoon and then again at the end of my day to make sure I can respond to any comments and to thank anyone who shared.
  3. Be consistently available. Don’t create scheduled Facebook posts (or any social media posts) if you aren’t going to be around all day or you’ll be going on vacation. If you can’t interact with your audience, and you can’t be social, I don’t recommend posting. Hopefully you can pass that task on to someone you trust, or hire a social media marketer to take care of it for you.

So now that you understand a few simple common sense rules for your scheduled Facebook posts, I encourage you to try it out for your social media or Facebook strategy. And don’t be alarmed. It may or may not work for you. Everyone is different, every page, business, and audience are too. Just don’t be afraid to test a new idea. Now on to the good stuff! ;)

If you’ve read my post 7 Easy Steps: How to Delete a Scheduled Post on Facebook, than you already know how to view your scheduled Facebook posts and you’re set. But for posterity’s sake, I’ll cover it again here.

How to Edit Scheduled Facebook Posts

  1. When logged in, Click the gear next to your name.
  2. Choose the page you need.
  3. From the Admin Panel, you can do either 1) Click “Posts” on the left-hand side of the panel, then click on “Activity Log” or 2) Click on the “Edit Page” button, and click “Use Activity Log”.
  4. Once you are in the activity log, you’ll be able to scroll through the currently scheduled Facebook posts for that page.
  5. Find the post you wish to change.
  6. Hover close to the top right hand corner of this post and click the arrow that shows up and click “Edit”.
  7. Now Facebook gives you an open box to edit the text for your post!

Now, there is only one real problem when you are attempting to edit images that you have saved as scheduled Facebook posts; you can’t edit the image at all. You cannot change the image to another one. This is unfortunate.

For scheduled Facebook posts where you have an image as a part of your content, you will simply need to continue to do what we did before and delete the post and recreate it. (Sigh.) Maybe they’ll change this soon and I’ll be posting about “how to edit your scheduled Facebook posts with images!”

So, there you have it. Now you know the secret! ;) Do you have any social media questions?