Reliance Mobiles has launched an interesting app on Facebook called ‘Confessions of a Sociaholic’ that makes a movie star out of fans, based on their Facebook updates, photos and videos.

I was quite fascinated by a recent app on Reliance Mobiles Facebook page called ‘Confessions of a Sociaholic’ that claims to create a story about me based on my activities on Facebook. Had I been on Facebook, this would have been exciting to know! Anyways I logged in through my partner Prasant’s page and was delighted to know his social verdict – Prasant is a silent assassin according to the app!

How does Confessions of a Sociaholic work?

The app is not only intelligent but also works only when you allow it all permissions in the beginning. It accesses posts on your newsfeed and creates a video highlighting various social milestones you have achieved. The video commences like a confession story with the first confession being ‘My first step at social coolness’, which is actually the first picture you had uploaded on Facebook. The image along with the date on which it was uploaded is displayed.

‘The status update that made me a social celebrity’ probably displays a post that got the maximum visibility but I’m just guessing. Likewise it continues with some of the pictures and videos that you have uploaded, pages you have liked, notifications for you, before finally passing a social verdict on you.


But what happens after that is worth a mention – the app gives you a list of total number of updates you have made and total number of photos and videos that you have uploaded, along with the total bytes you have used. Then depending on the total usage, it suggests you a plan according to the usage bracket you fall in. The app is quite a good salesman too!

Apart from this, you have options to replay your story or tweet about it. Also, you can share it on your wall or download your cover photo which is an interesting visual take on your social verdict (Social Assassin in my case). If you choose to tweet about it, you will notice that the auto-created tweet has the hashtag ‘#ConfessionsofaSociaholic’, which to me is a smart way to add a little more buzz.

Is Confessions of a Sociaholic cool?

All in all, I loved the app both in terms of the concept and execution. However I would have preferred if it could give me a downloadable video too. A couple of things that stood out for me in the ‘Confessions of a Sociaholic’ campaign are:

A smart ‘like’ campaign: At the very outset, the intelligent app asks you to ‘like’ the page for you to proceed with your social story. At the very end, when you have been shown your own movie, the app suggests various data plans for you depending on your usage. Thus it accomplishes two things – fan growth and product promotions.

Good usage of social sharing features: The app gives you the provision to share on your wall or share it on Twitter. Also, the tweet that is generated has the hashtag ‘#ConfessionsofaSociaholic’ embedded onto it. This way it helps create buzz on Twitter as well.

However, I am still a little amazed at the number displayed by the app in total number of photos and videos uploaded. 100 updates, 2 photos and 1 video is too less a number! The app does not mention the time period it has considered for generating the story.

While the app is definitely a cool one, it is not the first time an app in India has accessed fans newsfeeds to be able to build content around the fan. But this concept of revealing a fan’s social quotient on Facebook is definitely new. I am certainly impressed with this smart app.

Go ahead and give it a try. What do you think about ‘Confessions of a Sociaholic’?