Reaction puppy

In February Facebook rolled out the Reaction Buttons to everyone. Users can now express more than just a “Like” on updates. There are six different options – Like, Love, HaHa Wow, Sad, and Angry.

The idea behind the buttons are to give people more options to express how they feel when they see updates in their News Feeds. The new buttons give people a way to express their “reaction” to an update quickly.

Users can only select one reaction per update. You can either love something or like it, but you can love it and like it.

Facebook has not made any numbers public yet, but SocialTimes with Unmetric went through the data on several accounts and found something interesting.


Of the accounts SocialTimes reviewed they found that the Like button still was the most popular reaction, and breaking it down they found:

  • Like is used 92.9% of the time
  • Love is used 4.6% of the time
  • HaHa is used 0.3% of the time
  • Wow is used 1.8% of the time
  • Sad is used 0.2% of the time
  • Angry is used 0.2% of the time

They have a few theories about why Like is still the most popular reaction on updates. Which includes people not wanting to take the extra time to find the emotion or people are “conditioned to ‘liking’ things.” (SocialTimes)

While Facebook Users are not completely embracing Reactions, the buttons are here to stay. Business can benefit from these new options, it could mean:

  • Having a better idea of how people interact with your updates.
  • The service industry will have the ability to address negative feedback quickly.
  • Any reaction Users have will still be counted as a “Like” in Facebook’s data, so your updates will still show in their Feeds.
  • Reactions could assist paid strategies by allowing businesses to understand what content is more desirable to Users.

The Reaction Buttons are here to stay, Facebook will soon provide analytics for the buttons. In the meantime, embrace the buttons and analyze them to see what your audience wants to see.

See the full study here.