Make A Sticky Post In Facebook Group

Facebook Groups Now Have The Pinned Posts Feature!

This enables you, just like on Pages, to pin a post to the top of the group. We’ve needed this for a long time!

Because Facebook Groups bring the content item that was commented on most recently back to the top, it can often result in active items pushing administrative items down past the point that anyone would see them! Now we have a solution!

(Screenshot from my Biz Blogging Buzz Community’s group)

Screenshot of a pinned post in a facebook group

Hover over a post that you wish to pin until you see the little down arrow in its upper right corner. Then in the drop-down, select “Pin Post”.

Unlike pinned posts on Facebook Pages… pinning a post on a group actually causes it to stay there indefinitely. This makes it a VERY useful place to post a “Read Me”, “About This Group” or “Getting Started Guide”…. or anything that the focus needs to be on for that week.

Also, unlike Pages, a group can have up to THREE pinned posts at a time (which I don’t really recommend as it pushes the content WAY down the screen). Once you have three and try to pin the fourth, you will get an error message until you manually unpin one of the first three.

Very cool, Facebook!

Do you run or manage any Facebook groups? Have you participated in any groups that might benefit from the addition of this feature?

What features would you like to see added to FB groups?