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PayPal and Facebook have joined forces to make mobile payments a breeze.

PayPal announced on October 25 that a new integration with Facebook will be provided, it will enable PayPal as a payment option across the platform and within the Messenger app. This new collaboration will allow Facebook users with a PayPal account the ability to make just about any purchase with the mobile app, from ordering dinner to booking a nail appointment. Most recently Burger King added an option for payment through the Messenger app.

Mobile payments are expected to equal half of all digital transactions by next year.

“This is about allowing you to conduct commerce whenever you want to be doing it,” Anuj Nayar, PayPal’s head of global initiatives, told CNBC. “As more and more of your life goes through the mobile environment, the idea of going to your desktop or laptop for commerce is going away.”

According to PayPal, the new Facebook integration will provide:

  • A payment option across more of Facebook’s commerce experiences, including Messenger commerce, in the United States.
  • An easier option for PayPal customers to link their PayPal accounts to Facebook and Messenger at checkout.
  • Notifications from Messenger for PayPal customers to make managing receipts for PayPal transactions in one place.

Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook Messenger’s head of product, told Fortune in a statement that over a billion messages are exchanged each month between people and businesses, making it “a convenient place to interact with the businesses people love.” Not only can Facebook users easily link their PayPal accounts to Messenger, but they can also manage their receipts within the app.

PayPal currently has 192 million active users. This new integration will make it easier to make purchases via message and will further expand the options of what can be done within Facebook. This will also allow merchants to better build relationships with those 192 million people.

PayPal’s stated focus is to partner “with innovative companies to create better experiences for merchants and consumers.”

This new feature will be rolling out to US consumers with a Facebook and a PayPal account very soon.