What You Need to Know About the Latest Facebook Updates

facebook-2015One of the biggest changes Facebook is making is in how people can see Facebook Ads in their news feeds – the bread and butter of the large social network. With the onset and growth of mobile technology a user many not be able to see ads. Facebook recognized this shift and will now not only allow users more control over what they see, but have expanded the viewing options.

Currently there is not a specific setting preference in Facebook for ads, but rather it is a selection made directly from an ad in the news feed:


In the future Facebook plans to offer a preferences feature, but in the meantime this roll out will begin in Canada, Australia, the U.K., France, Germany, and Ireland.

The next and most welcome change is in the Facebook Privacy update with the introduction to Privacy Basics. Users now have more options available for added security and privacy, which has been a big issue in the past couple of years. Take a look at this short video to learn how this affects your profile with a Privacy Checkup how-to:

Not all users are seeing this new feature yet, but a wider release will be starting in January. Now people can see how things are being shared on Facebook, including on their own accounts. This also gives us more control of who we are sharing our posts with, which a good step toward weeding out spam.

Finally, iOS, Android, and Windows devices experienced a shift from instant messages on Facebook to the new Facebook Messenger app. While many had seen this as a violation of privacy, this feature has been improved and can be beneficial in keep in touch with your contacts.


The new changes to Facebook are a step in the right direction for more user control over ads and privacy in 2015. Expect to see more updates because as we all know, this social network is here to stay and continues to be an integral part of your brand and business’s marketing strategy.

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