This week, Facebook announced that 78 percent of its U.S. daily users were accessing the social media service from a mobile device.

The global mobile daily active user rate also spiked 10 percent from last quarter, confirming the trend towards mobile devices is not only happening in the United States, but around the world.

The social media giant also revealed two new changes to the mobile platform: restaurant reservations and TV listings.

Restaurant Reservations Through Facebook Mobile

Through its partnership with online restaurant reservation service Open Table, Facebook will provide its mobile users with the ability to make reservations on the establishment’s brand page.

Facebook mobile restaurant reservations

According to their news release from Monday:

Using their mobile devices, people will be able to book tables via Facebook Pages for restaurants. The update represents a new way of discovering and booking great dining experiences, all within the Facebook mobile app. There’s no need to visit a separate mobile site or open a separate app.

TV Listings On Facebook Mobile

Last year, research firm Ericsson reported that 62 percent of TV viewers were simultaneously using social media and 25 percent actively posted about what they’re watching. It only stands to reason that this number will continue to increase as smartphone and tablet adoption grows.

To better capture this pocket of users, Facebook will release a TV listings functionality on its mobile app.

Facebook mobile TV listings

From the same news release:

For people that use iOS, Facebook will display TV listing information on US primetime TV and movie Pages. Listings will be based on your current time zone and include the channel name, air time and a description of the show or movie playing, meaning that the listings that exist in cable box guides, magazines and newspapers are now conveniently located on the Facebook Pages of peoples’ favorite shows.

Get Mobile On Getting Mobile

Optimizing your digital presence for mobile is essential. Not only are more people adopting smartphones and tablets, but they’re buying more of both. It isn’t unheard of for any given person in the United States to have not just one mobile device, but two or more.

Facebook’s recent move to improve the functionality of its mobile app to cater to diners and TV viewers is a strong sign of how fast we are going mobile for even our basic or daily activities.

When it comes to marketing your company, it’s important to take this into consideration. Your mobile user audience should be at the forefront of your mind when you design your website, email communications, and other strategies like participating in smartphone apps or online review pages.

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