For some members, it appears that Facebook is testing a new compose button on the homepage. Found next to an individual’s profile picture and name, the button enables members to post directly to Timeline regardless of what page they’re on.

The new button was first spotted by Mashable reporter Alex Fitzpatrick. After clicking the button, a prompt window appeared, similar to the one currently being used for posting a Facebook status. What’s important about the placement of the button is that it’s accessible from anywhere on the site.

This means that members can post status updates even when visiting another profile or Facebook Page — something that’s typically only allowed from the homepage or your own profile.

We haven’t seen the new button on any other profiles or Pages. Facebook hasn’t shared any details about this test, and it seems to be limited to accounts that haven’t been switched to the new News Feed or given access to Graph Search.

Should the new button become a permanent fixture in Facebook’s toolbar, it could have an impact on the “People Talking About This” metric. Let’s say someone who just dined at your restaurant is looking at your Page when suddenly they recall their favorite dish or the fantastic service and want to say something about it.

Instead of going back to their profile — where they could run into several distractions, resulting in a missed opportunity — they can click the new button and share their status right away while the thought is still fresh in their minds.

Additionally, should the functionality come to Pages, community managers could update their Timelines regardless of where they are on the site. Of course it’s possible that this is merely a test and it won’t expand beyond the current accounts. We’ll keep you updated if/when more details are released.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: mindfreeze86]