Quite often I get emails or tweets looking for answers to a question regarding Facebook. Some of the solutions are relatively straight forward, but not if you don’t know your way around a Facebook account or business page.

A common complaint I hear is that Facebook don’t provide much in the way of support. Well I’m here to show you otherwise.

Facebook Help Centre

No this is not some spammy blog, this is the official help centre for all Facebook users. You simply need to follow this link at the bottom of your page…. https://www.facebook.com/help/community See below.

Facebook Help Centre

The Help Centre has a diverse range of forums and categories for you to search and find an answer to their problem, or you can simply follow a question and await a reply. I especially like the ‘somethings not working’ category simply because it’s not often I see issues with the site but it’s good to see they are pro-active in dealing with bugs and improving the site even after the level of success they have achieved.

Facebook Help

The Apps, Games & Credits Category is very useful in that in deals predominantly with third party developers and other sites using Facebook to provide a platform for their product or service.

Facebook Safety Centre

The Safety centre itself is an extremely useful resource. There are tips and guidelines from a number of sources including the Facebook Advisory Panel. There’s even individual sections for Parents, Teachers, Teens and even Law Enforcement. There’s a guide to the settings and features of your account and there’s also a page which articulates the philosophy of the social network when it comes to privacy and safety.

All in all, I think this is a much underrated resource which can be extremely useful for anyone needing a simple answer to an annoying issue or advice and guidance.

Have you visited the help centre? Do you think they are missing anything? Does the philosophy Facebook has towards this type of guidance and advice work?