One million is a special mark in the Indian social media business. Achievement and celebrations both go hand in hand on social media. So when Myntra, India’s largest online shopping destination for fashion and lifestyle products, achieved the sweet figure of one million fans, the brand made sure that it not only thanked the fans but also showered love by distributing goodies.

The Facebook page was launched four years back and it hit the one million mark on 13th January, 2013. According to the brand, the fan interactions on the page started showing phenomenal growth since May, 2011 and the fan base has doubled in the last 18 months.

Happy Million Wall celebrations

To celebrate this moment of happiness, the brand has designed a Facebook app – Happy Million. The app is being referred to as the “Happy Million Wall”. Once you log into the page and after the authentication process, you would find a colorful wall which is covered with display pictures. These pictures are of fans who have shown support to the brand by tagging themselves on the wall. The wall is divided into 5000 boxes/pixels and if you want to be a part of this celebration then you can click on any of the available boxes. Once you do that your display picture would pop up on the “Happy Million Wall” and if you wish you can spread the word on your Facebook profile by publishing the update on your personal wall.


To create some excitement Myntra has hidden some gift vouchers under some of the boxes in the wall. So if you are lucky then on click of any of the boxes on the wall, you might earn a Myntra gift voucher ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000. However, I was confused to see the app asking for email ids especially when the app had incorporated a Facebook login.

Nevertheless, if you want to participate in the celebrations of Myntra then simply log into the app and make sure you do it fast since the app is live for 5 days and has only 5000 boxes to be checked. Hopefully you win some goodies from Myntra too.