Mother's_Recipe_contest FB adI was constantly being bombarded with this ad on Facebook since a few days. The copy sounded interesting enough to merit a click. And I was happy that the click took me to a Facebook app hosting the Mother’s Recipe ‘Healthy Breakfast’ contest and not anywhere else. The ‘Mother’s Recipe’ contest is a simple contest with a theme every week. Don’t we often get bored with the daily breakfast routine and opt for junkfood instead? So the theme this week is ‘Healthy Breakfast’. And I’m sure a whole lot of us are in the search for more healthy recipes for a good start to the day. With this healthy theme, a brand named ‘Mother’s Recipe’ could do very well indeed.

About the ‘Mother’s Recipe Healthy Breakfast’ contest:

If you miss your mother’s recipe and would like to get a feel of the same, you can head over to the Mother’s Recipe Facebook page titled ‘I miss my mother’s recipe’ and click on the contest app. ‘Like’ the page for it to transform into an interactive one. This is how it works: Every week you will be provided an ingredient or a theme and you can submit two recipes for the same. Selected recipes will be posted on the Mother’s Recipe blog, which are further eligible for more competition. For example, the most voted entry in a month will get ‘Readers choice of the month’. The recipe selected by the expert chef will be the ‘Chef’s Choice of the week’. Recipes selected by the bench of food experts will get an entry into the Mother’s Recipe yearbook. And if ten of your recipes get published on the blog, you can make your own recipe e-book. You will find the required details under ‘How to participate’ section.

An elaborate recipe submission form is given below in the app, where you can enter your personal as well as recipe details. What’s even better is that the contest is being judged by consultant chef and food stylist, Bhushan Inamdar. Do go through the rules & regulations before you submit your recipe.

Mother's_recipe healthy breakfast contest

Is the contest good?

I liked this campaign – simple and appealing to the fans. The following features are worth a mention:

Call for action: The Facebook ad takes me directly to the contest app and not the wall or elsewhere. Although a logical thing to do, this is ignored at times and hapless fans have to bear the burden. When you create a Facebook ad to encourage participation, do ensure that it leads to the particular contest.

Smart ‘Likes’: You have to ‘like’ the Facebook page before you can enter your recipe. I believe this is a better way to increase your community rather than do it through compulsion. Additionally, it also ensures that the community you are building is relevant to your business.

Design, Execution & User experience: The app has an elegant and appealing design that goes well with the brand image. It is simple and does not create hassles for the user. But what is the best feature – the app is functional and comprises of every detail a participant would be needing. The rules & regulations page has been linked here as well, making the users life easy. Overall, a pleasant experience for the user who would surely want to return.

However, I would have preferred the app had used the Facebook share feature. This would have helped to spread the campaign amongst the user’s network.

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