From Me & Meri Maggi to Meri Maggi – 2 minute mein khushiyan, India’s favourite noodle brand strives hard to remain her favourite. The brand has roped in India’s favourite superstar ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ to herald the new positioning of ‘2 minute mein kushiyan’.

Big B acts as the storyteller in the newly launched TV commercials narrating real life stories of Maggi loyalists and how it helped bring 2 minutes of happiness into their lives. Taking this message further by building excitement around fans is the new opportunity proposed by Big B – Fans can now feature on the Maggi noodles pack and ad, by sharing how they created 2 minutes of kushiyan with Maggi. For this the brand has created an app on their Facebook page titled ‘Share your Maggi moments’ which is a 4-month long campaign.

About ‘Share your Maggi moments’ Facebook app

It was love at first sight for me. Share your Maggi moments is a beautiful app with all the makings of a memorable one. Right from the concept to the design and execution, the app has only impressed me in every step. For starters, it allowed me to skip the authentication process in the beginning where most apps don’t let you proceed further without being allowed to access your data.


Upon clicking on ‘start sharing’ button, you see this bright trademark Maggi yellow page with options for sharing your Maggi picture, video or story. There is also a gallery featuring Maggi stories by fans. When you click on Share a picture, you are taken to a tabbed input window which has tabs for the other two media as well – share a video and share a story. The tabs are quite helpful in that it tells you the maximum characters allowed in text and maximum file size and acceptable file format during uploading your picture or video.

The gallery is complete with My entry, Featured entries and All entries. While some of the videos are cool, others aren’t so. Nevertheless, I liked what I saw in the gallery and the best thing was that I could ‘like’ it and share it too. But it is not clear which stories get featured and why.

How good is the app?

Like I said earlier, I’m quite impressed with this neat little app. The following features are worth a mention:

1. Share your Maggi moments is not a Like campaign: I was allowed to start sharing my Maggi moments on the app, without liking the page. While this may sound stupid to someone who believes in numbers, not every Facebook campaign needs to necessarily be a ‘like’ one. Especially for a brand like Maggi, that found a place in Indian hearts after years of tweaking its taste ingredients to suit the vast Indian palate. Building an emotional connect is far more important than increasing your fan count.

2. Gets full marks in Design & Execution: I like an app if it guides me well. I usually get lost in most of the apps I review and find the same sentiments being echoed in the comments too. Even if you create a simple app, it should be neat, comprehensible and easily navigable. ‘Share your Maggi moments’ is one of those apps that have taken some time on the drawing boards.

Terms & Conditions of the contest is available easily too. The concept of having a gallery with featured entries as well as all entries helps to build the nationwide bond of Maggi lovers. The campaign creators have ensured the users have a cheerful and happy time interacting with it.

3. Abides by Facebook guidelines: I was allowed to proceed to the app even though I had skipped the initial steps where the app asks for permissions. Some of the apps I had reviewed earlier, did not allow me further unless I clicked the ‘allow’ button. As per Facebook app guidelines, a user should be given the right to choose what she wants to share.

4. Implements Facebook sharing features: Although a simple feature, most apps do not use the sharing features provided by Facebook. With Share your Maggi moments, you can invite your friends as well as share it on the gallery. Facebook is a place for friends before it is for brands and Maggi seems to have got this equation right.

Most FMCGs on social media seem to have disintegrated campaigns around their products and are usually running behind numbers. When Maggi completed 25 years last year, it was all about ‘Me & Meri Maggi’. This year, by transforming from a 2-minute hunger quencher to a 2-minute creator of happiness, the brand has entered into emotional ground and made storytellers out of their fans. This is a powerful strategy to build a long term community in India.

What do you feel about Share your Maggi moments? Do share with us.