Facebook advertising success can look different depending on the type of campaign you’re running and what marketing goals you’re trying to reach. A successful Facebook advertising campaign doesn’t always mean more customers right off the bat. So, what does success look like?

Here are three ways you can measure success in your Facebook advertising.

Tracking Conversions & Leads

Tracking ad conversions and new leads is a great way to measure the success of your Facebook advertising campaign if generating leads is your goal. Whether you’re running a Lead Ads campaign where users can fill out a form directly on Facebook or a different type of campaign that’s driving users to your website to contact you, it’s important to measure how many conversions your Facebook ad campaign is driving. If you’re sending traffic to your website, make sure you’re using the Facebook Pixel on your site to track visits and conversions and attribute them to your ads.

Gauging Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a difficult metric to measure because it’s not a direct driver of new leads or prospects. Rather, it’s a way to introduce customers and prospects to your business as they begin the buying cycle or improve the perception of your brand. A few ways you can measure whether your Facebook advertising is impacting brand awareness include:

  • Surveying new contacts to see how they discovered your business. This can include the obvious places like a review site or search engine. But it can also include a Facebook ad placed on their News Feed.
  • Seeing increased engagement on your ad or Facebook business page. If more people are liking and interacting with your ads and organic posts or following your page on Facebook, this is an obvious sign of increased brand awareness and affinity.
  • Noticing a spike in website visits and impressions or clicks on your search engine ads. This can be a sign of increased brand awareness because people are seeing your business on Facebook and searching for your brand name or products/services on Google, Bing, or other top search engines.

Measuring Ad Views & Engagements

An easy to way to track the success of your Facebook advertising is to look at the impressions (views), reach (people), and engagements your ad is driving, which can be seen directly in your Facebook ads manager. While this isn’t always a surefire way to measure success, it is a good place to start. Because your budget and audience targeting parameters can impact how many people are seeing your campaign, and your creative – ad message and image – can impact engagements such as likes, comments, and shares, it’s important to review results regularly and adjust these factors to test what might help your ad perform best.