Adam Mosseri, VP of Facebook Product Management, recently gave some advice and guidelines on how businesses can successfully navigate the Facebook News Feed algorithm and reach their followers by actually getting their content to the users’ News Feeds.

Mosseri pointed out four key measures that all businesses need to consider when putting their messages out onto Facebook.

  1. Compelling Headlines
  2. Avoiding Promotions
  3. Trying New Things
  4. Publisher Tools

These four elements will give your content the edge in determining its Relevancy Score, or the likelihood the content will actually show in a user’s News Feed.

Write Compelling Headlines – Mosseri explains using “headlines that give people a real sense of the content that’s behind that click.” Not using click bait, providing a headline that fits more of what a user would want to read and enjoy.

Avoid Promotional Content – No one wants to see sales messages over and over in their News Feeds. Too much of this will definitely turn your audience off to your updates, which will lead to a reduction in the reach of each and every update, promotional or not.

Try New Things – Mosseri said this was the most important element. Experimenting and testing different types of updates, video/photos/links/etc. and watching to see what your audience engages with and generates the best response. What works for one business may not work for another, it is necessary to try out different things and measure what works. Mosseri explained that “if I could leave you with one thing, it would be to experiment and try things.”

Facebook Publisher Tools – Using the tools that Facebook provides offer great guidelines to measure performance and response. Facebook Audience Insights provide a great way to see what is most relevant to your followers. It is crucial to analyze your Page’s Insights to see what works best and then use this data to determine what to post in the future.

Facebook also provides an Audience Optimization tool that allows a Page to target an audience based on interests. This feature helps the algorithm determine who is most likely to be interested in the content you are publishing.

While it may seem that posting a photo, funny meme, sales offer, link to your blog when you have the time to update your Page will be just fine, you can see that there is a lot more to it.

Posting updates that will make it through the Facebook algorithm into your audience’s News Feeds is not as easy as it seems. Keeping up-to-date on the algorithm, monitoring your updates performance, keeping track of your audience’s interests and providing relevant content will ensure your marketing efforts will eventually pay off.