Make sense out of Facebook for your business.  Facebook is apparently here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.  It is essential for most businesses to have a Facebook presence and to regularly post on their Facebook Business Page.  It does not mean you have to post everyday but you should work at 2-3 times per week with relevant, fun, engaging, action oriented and interesting posts.

I talk with clients all the time who have thrown up Facebook Business Pages, posted for a few months or even a year and then just let it go. Nothing new in months or they post sporadically on their Facebook Business page so there is no consistency or engagement to benefit them. Let’s be real – social media is a form of communication that people are engaging in more than an hour per day. That’s right, add that up on a weekly basis.  Facebook is number one for where people are spending their time so don’t fight the current any longer and don’t be left behind.  Get going with your Facebook Business page now.  Remember, Location, Location, Location, be where people are!!

Here’s a few reminders we have said before:

  • Make sure your Facebook Business page Banner looks professional and has your Phone Number in it if you want people to call you. If not, have an email or web address.
  • Be sure the Profile Picture on your Facebook page is your logo but also has your Company Name or Your Name if its an Author Page or Business Person page.  Unless you are Nike or Coca Cola no one will recognize just your logo on the NewsFeed.
  • Have a personalized Facebook URL for your Facebook page and put it on your business email and let your customers know about it when they come to your place of business or when you reach out to them via email.
  • Post 2-3 times per week and think about what your customers ask you all the time or what special offers you may have going on.  If you are a restaurant with Daily Specials then posting everyday makes sense.  Ask questions, play around and see what types of posts, days of the week and times of the day get you the most engagement.
  • Use pictures and videos but avoid throwing up “quotes of the day” stuff everyday on your Facebook Business page.  That gets old pretty quickly.
  • You can try “boosting” a post and see what happens – play with it but don’t just throw money at it.  See what you get back in Facebook engagement – more LIKEs and Comments.
  • Use the Schedule feature to schedule your posts in advance but don’t go crazy…keep it current and remember to check for engagement.
  • Do a Search on Facebook for Business Pages that are strategic partners of yours and engage with them.
  • If Facebook has put up a Generic Facebook Page for your business, please claim it and drive people to your actual Facebook page by making sure they know where to find it.
  • To keep your Facebook Profile private, when you get invites from people that you would prefer to be on your Facebook Business page send them a Private Message asking them to LIKE your page and give them the link in the Facebook Private Message.
  • Respond to Comments and let people know someone is on the other end of the Facebook page.
  • If you receive a negative Comment address it immediately and be polite. Thank the person and ask them to take the discussion off line.  Do not Delete the negative Comment unless it is totally off the wall or has nothing to do with your business. Responding to a negative Comment can be excellent PR if handled in a timely and appropriate manner.

Don’t stress about your Facebook Business page but understand that if aren’t there – you have zero chance of being seen. If you aren’t posting on a regular basis with relevant, fun and interesting information you may be doing more damage to your brand than good. Have fun with your Facebook Business page and remember – check your Spelling and your Grammar -there is an Edit Feature under the Drop Down arrow on every Post.

Happy Facebook Posting!

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