Facebook has recently introduced two new tools that help businesses improve their local marketing. Local awareness ads make it easy for brands with multiple locations to create unique and relevant ads for each store, while Local Insights offer companies important information about those who are nearby.

These two new tools can help marketers amplify their brand’s Facebook presence by connecting the company with those who are nearby and likely to be interested in their business. We dive into each, below.

Local Awareness Ad Updates Enhance Relevancy

Facebook knows that the more relevant your ad, the more likely it is to be effective. The platform’s local awareness ads offer companies with multiple locations the ability to increase ad relevancy for each of their stores. The new update makes ads more relevant by using information from each location’s unique Facebook page to add dynamic ad content, links, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the ad.


This makes it so that each ad is localized for each location, and thus more relevant for those who are viewing the ad. For instance, if your business has store locations in multiple cities, you can use this feature to automatically populate the city name in each ad, depending on the location of the person viewing the ad.

In addition to dynamic ad copy, local awareness ads also use CTA buttons that will connect viewers to the store that is closest to their current location. This is a great feature for companies with smaller advertising budgets or those who are looking to spend more efficiently, as these hyper-local and relevant ads work to connect the business to those who are most likely to visit the store.

Find Out Who is Nearby with Local Insights

When businesses want to know more about the people visiting their Facebook page, they can use Page Insights to find out important information about their visitors. Now Page Insights includes a new tab that offers insights for local businesses that want to learn more about the groups of people who are nearby the store.


The Local Insights tab includes information such as:

  • Aggregate demographics, such as age and gender, as well as trends associated with people nearby (including both locals and tourists)
  • Neighborhood’s busiest days of the week and times of day
  • The percentage of people nearby who have seen your company’s ad

This information is vital for businesses that want to amplify their local reach. Companies can use these insights to determine who is in the area and when they can be reached, and then tailor their Facebook ad campaign to target these visitors.

With these important insights, brands can better understand their local visitors and make changes to reach more people in the area.