“Innovativeness Personified” – That would be my statement if someone asked me to give a brief about KFC’s recent Facebook campaign ‘Currycature’. The social media friendly food brand has launched a new ‘curry crunch’ flavour this festive season with a special Indian twist – the Indian spices that create the distinctive Indian curry! The Currycature campaign resonates this Indian-ness in a fun way. If you haven’t yet seen the campaign, make sure you login to it now!

About Currycature

KFC India Facebook
While not mentioning about the rewards yet, a simple look at the image above will give you an idea about the new app on the KFC India’s Facebook page. The ‘Curry Cature’ app gives you an option to create your own caricature using the KFC app.

KFC_india facebook app
The app launches, after the necessary permissions have been granted and asks your chosen character and gender. With that, as a next step, the app asks you to choose the photographs, which can be either from the webcam, a Facebook photo or even a photo from your computer.

Once the photo is selected, it let’s you add all the bells and whistles – a moustache, glasses, turban, etc. to the photo. Add them, and you can ‘submit’ the photo to their gallery and also start sharing the photograph with the world. Don’t like the way it’s done, and you have option to clear everything.

Keen about the rewards, well you have an iPhone, a cybershot camera and KFC vouchers up for grabs. So what are you waiting for?

How effective is the campaign?

Just 3 steps and you are done with creating a caricature. Creating caricature cannot get shorter than this.

KFC knows that the youth of today love to experiment with looks and with almost the maximum % of Facebook users in India being young adults between the age of 18-24, they were bang on target with the campaign. Also, the kind of awards are exactly what the youth can be brought to participate in.

Within the campaign too, they have well understood the Indian culture and have made sure to map the geographical preferences. So you have each of the region – west, north, south & east respectively covered.

Now, for people who love to experiment with the looks, they can choose the relevant style of turban, moustache, beard, nose ring for female and even glasses. The options are many and in the end, I am sure you will not be disappointed with the looks.

Once you’re done, it is easy to submit the photo to their gallery and share it on Facebook. Based on the engagement that is generated, you stand to win respective prizes.

Parting thoughts

While the app is fantastic with its target audience, I loved the detailing that would have gone through while conceptualizing of the app. For a country as wide as India and with multiple cultures, it’s not easy to keep everyone happy. But the app takes care of this difference in a very subtle manner. KFC should owe it big time to the campaign managers for making an app that would appeal every region.

KFC has always employed social media creatively be it for a fresh new flavour or for fan engagement. Few months back, KFC had initiated a Facebook hunt for RJs where apart from Sennheiser headsets and KFC food coupons, the winner also got a chance to host a show on Radio KFC, a branded channel that plays international music in the store. Earlier this year, they had this cool Facebook app where fans could design their own bucket – with images of their ‘so good’ moment – when KFC rebranded to ‘so good’. Last year it introduced ‘fiery grilled’ flavour through a blogging contest, apart from other platforms.

Currycature is a winner and deserves to be tried. It’s a fun way to spending your time and who knows, if you’re lucky, an iPhone could be on your way!