It is not that difficult to find followers on social media these days. There are a number of techniques and approaches that a brand can use. The trick is to get people who come to your pages to stick around, to engage and generally become life-long fans of your brand.

And on Facebook it is perhaps even more difficult to make this happen. With short attention spans and the relatively low barriers to entry for any brand, big or small, Facebook brand loyalty is a challenge.

We’ve put together a few tips that should ensure your brand on Facebook keeps hold of passing visitors.

How To Keep Hold Of Followers And Fans On Facebook

Know when to be there

There are a million ways to work out the best time to post on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean the process is easy to manage. Being there when your audience is means that you are setting your brand up for success, rather than shooting in the dark.

The thing to remember here is that it does take a little time to find your best times for posting. It requires plenty of tweaking because even if the audience is online it still has to be tested to see if engagement comes about. But by working out the best times to post, you are at least giving yourself every chance to turn those people into meaningful followers.

Best time to post

Use the boost

You can boost Facebook posts in a matter of minutes, and it isn’t that costly either. If you are a little hesitant on this, just bear in mind that you will soon see how effective the boosted post has been. So it won’t be a drain on your budget for too long if it doesn’t work out.

The key here is to boost your own content, and make sure that the content that is being boosted is of the highest quality. You are looking at true thought leadership posts here. Nothing fluffy. It should be blog content that is already gaining some traction so that you know that people have read this already and it deserves more exposure.

Like with anything on social media, give it a whirl with a couple of posts and see what kind of engagement you get. Then work with the good stuff, and convert more followers into genuine prospects.

Boost Posts

Interrogate them

Your aim is to make sure that the people who are on your Facebook page are going to engage with you. To help the page rise above the morass of sales talk on Facebook, it is well worth starting a conversation with the visitors. Asking questions has long been a good way to ensure that site visitors (and page visitors) engage, so think of some useful questions that you can ask the Facebook crowd.

If you pitch your question right, you will find that people respond. Make it relevant to their lives, not just about what you do. When you do get some engagement jump on it and offer replies or actions that make the people feel worthy.

This is not an exact science. Don’t do what some brands do, which is set up a million surveys and make every post one that asks a question. This is not a good idea. Instead, give some time to the questions, and this should make it less frenetic. You’ll also get better results if your questions are more appropriate and thought-provoking.

Ask Questions

Don’t go wrong on the quality

When a brand first gets onto Facebook, it can seem that all you have to do is what everyone else is doing. This usually means a million posts a day, with links and generally quite obvious selling going on.

It is absolutely vital that you know that your content is useful. If you are not adding value to the experience of the people who see the feed, there is little reason for them to hang around and convert.

Every post has to have some kind of value that is immediately obvious. Whether this means a list of tips that the post directs readers to or a video that helps them overcome a pin point in their life, it is something that you must not digress from. People stick around and follow you if you help them. If you’re just like everyone else, it is a waste of your time.

Content Quality

Your aim should be to ensure that each post is worth spending time on. Remember, your posts are really all that passing visitors have to go on. Give them a reason to click, not clickbait, but a genuine reason to click. From video that adds value to a free whitepaper, they have to get something out of the relationship.

Be specific

If you’ve done your homework and you know that the people you are targeting are good prospects, the boosting and Facebook ads in general can be carefully tweaked until they work seamlessly. Once you have successfully segmented an audience, you should be able to target ads and create content that fits the wants and needs of the audience.

And when that is in place, sell. Simply giving the audience all the information they need to see about an offer is usually enough to make them click. If they know they can click to get ‘10% off for three days only’, at least they feel you are being genuine. You’re not pulling the wool over their eyes and you’ve created an offer that shows respect for them and their needs.

Basically, to get people to take action and head towards your website or landing page, you need to ask them to. Be clear, and when you have them visiting often and in the right frame of mind to buy, tell them what the offer is. By being specific, you simply send them down the right road to buying.

We hope these ideas are useful to you. If you need your client’s Facebook page to pop and make sales, then it’s time to get real, and make sure all aspects of your online offering are attractive and helpful.


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