Facebook unveiled the new search tool, Graph Search, which is your own private, personalized social search engine. Graph Search can search among your friends and their activities in a way that Google simply can’t. You can now find more of what you’re looking for on Facebook and discover fun connections between people.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has wanted to develop a social search engine for a long time, he even hinting back in September that one might be in the works. The Facebook Graph Search tool is a new type of search behavior. This feature allows Facebook members to sift through interests, people, places and photos. Also, this is a proprietary tool on the social site, excluding companies like Google, Amazon and LinkedIn from accessing the data.

For example, you’re able to successfully pull up accurate results for the following searches:

  • Males and Females nearby that are 27 years old
  • Photos taken in 2010 that I liked
  • My friends who have checked in at places nearby
  • Restaurants in New York City that Jennifer Saing likes
  • Music that my friends and I like
  • People that have checked in at White Castle and who like Michael Jackson

Facebook has over 1 billion users, 240 billion photos, and more than a trillion connections. This new tool is great for business owners because Facebook will now be enabling a cleaner connection to relevant content beyond simply searching for users, brands and apps. Having a Facebook Page for your business will surely help, because your company will show up in the search bar if customers or someone else has added it as a “place.” Also, marketers can expect to see Facebook build out a mobile offering too. Facebook’s Graph Search is truly the future of search.

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