As a small brand, the following issues may be familiar:

How can you ensure you are reaching the most relevant and influential people through your Facebook page?

Once you have engaging content, there are 4 kinds of  targeting you can use to amplify your content to potential customers.

  1. Workplace
  2. Competitive
  3. Lateral
  4. Literal

Combining these with demographic criteria will narrow your audience, increase CTR, and reach more potential customers.

Workplace Targeting

Did you know you can target just folks who work at Conde Nast, Glamour, and other publications?

Only users who have ‘Conde Nast’ listed as their employer will see your ad, allowing you to influence their brand directly.


However, if the brand you’re targeting is small, It won’t show up. Use these methods instead:

  1.  Include the brand as an interest or target only people who like that Facebook page.
  2.  Limit your audience to a tight geographic area around the brand’s headquarters.
  3. Research how many employees the brand has to determine ad effectiveness.

Take Infusionsoft, for example. Based on the ad count and employee count 58% of everyone you reach will likely be an Infusionsoft employee..


Competitive Targeting

Competitive interests are targeting your competitor’s fans based on their brand name, allowing you to ‘piggyback’ and steal traffic.

Use Facebook Power Editor to grab interest counts and filter by gender, showing brand influence. Let’s use Ralph Lauren, for example:


If you sell men’s clothing, Targeting all 2.6 million users is inefficient. Ralph Lauren is a brand of variety, not just fashion. Filter your ad to fit using category, age, gender, and even  partner categories; honing in on an audience that would make the biggest impact.


Lateral Targeting

Lateral interests are things your demographic finds interesting. Fashion brand, lateral interests might include “breast cancer awareness,” “prom,” and “evening gown.”


Limit your audience to only the most relevant interests. Lateral interests can vary easily.

Unless you’re a big brand with a huge budget, it’s not feasible to reach millions of people. Stay away from being too general, like “I love my kids,” and focus close to your brand. Narrow them further with demographic targeting.


Stores that sell goods, or organizations you sponsor would also be lateral interests.


Now combine these with some demographic targeting.


Literal Interests

Literal interests include terms directly related to your brand. If you are a wedding gown boutique, target women who are getting married.

2013-09-19 18_08_25-Power Editor

Literal interests are the easiest to start with, but tend to be broad. Segmenting and testing your campaigns helps you derive what combination is most effective.

The Takeaway

Your advertising cost depends on audience and content. Facebook rewards engaging ads with higher reach and lower CPC.  Optimizing your campaigns every day will let you do that. Use workplace, competitive, lateral, and literal targeting with demographic criteria to build your audience.

Readers, have you seen any Facebook ads you really liked? Let us know in the comments below.