If you can touch hearts with your story, it does not need to be a great one. With the new cover page and timeline feature rolled out by Facebook, we see brands slowly adapting to the new and trying to weave their stories with pictures, etc. And what better occasion than a Father’s Day. Here we bring you some Father’s Day contests of which a few seem to hit the right chords whereas others simply exist to make hay while the sun shines!

1. Oreo India ‘Dear Dad’

This one’s a straight winner as it simply celebrates the beautiful bond between father and child. By bringing in this beautiful concept of ‘Dear Dad’, Oreo, the world’s favourite cookie that has always cherished this bond in all its messages, seems to have struck a chord with its fans. And what’s the best part – everybody wins! This isn’t a contest, its an engagement strategy weaved within a beautiful brand message.

Oreo Dear Dad contest

You have to write a letter to your dad through a well designed app. A very simple and appealing app with ‘Write to Dad’ and ‘Read a Letter’. As the text suggests, you can begin to write your letter by clicking ‘Write to Dad’. But then you could also check out the awesome letters by others, by clicking on ‘Read a Letter’. At present, I can see 246 letters to Dads. The sweet thing here is a choice of three beautiful templates for your letter and the preview before you send. You can have your letter sent to your dad through Facebook or email if your dad uses them. Or you can take a print of it, to send it yourself. But if you are lazy and want Oreo to send it for you, then that is possible too, just give your Dad’s name and address and Oreo will send it for you. If you do not want to show your letter to anybody, that’s fine, you have an option to not share it in the gallery.

2. Tanishq ‘To my Dad with love’ contest

This is a cool Facebook contest by jewellery brand, Tanishq. It works on the principle that daughters would want to gift their dads with something so exciting that they would never forget it. And what’s more unforgettable than an ‘experience of a lifetime’ like a chopper ride or a drive in a luxury car. Unfortunately, sons do not have this privilege as the contest is for a father-daughter duo.

Tanishq Father's_Day contest

An app was designed for ‘To my Dad with Love’, where you had to enter why you want to gift him the drive or the ride. And if you have the right reasons, then get set to have fun with your dad. But, the fun can happen only if you are in these cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. Quite a few fans from other cities seem to be a little miffed about this, but the Facebook admin is seen to reassure them.

3. Home Shop 18 Father’s Day contest

Popular online shopping store, Home Shop 18 has come up with an interesting Father’s Day contest. You have to visit the store and browse the stuff there. Then if you like something for your dad, share the link of the chosen product and give a reason as to why this gift for your dad.


Again, there is an app below which you can add your reasons along with the link, using Facebook comments. I like the concept but the design is not as impressive. There is no clickable area in the app to go to the website. Besides, this could have been designed better had they replicated the store on Facebook itself. I doubt how many would take the pains to visit the site, choose the product, copy the link and then come back to paste it, before giving their heart-felt reason to do so! Nevertheless, it is a nice way to get some traffic to your website.

4. Yatra ‘Cherish your travel moments’ contest

This is a sweet photo contest by online travel company, Yatra. If you have taken a vacation with your dad and have awesome pictures of it, then go ahead and upload it at the Yatra ‘Cherish your travel moments’ Facebook app. You need to also share how you are going to surprise your dad on Father’s Day and the best entry would win Yatra goodies!


Once you click on ‘upload’, you can select a picture from your computer or from Facebook photos and enter your surprise plans for your dad in the box. However, I cannot seem to find the rules or T & C for this contest, as I needed to know what Yatra meant by ‘Best entry’. You can also see pictures by others which you can share and comment. Nice usage of Facebook features to make it viral.

I have ranked these Father’s Day initiatives in order of appeal and not the design or execution. The Oreo ‘Dear Dad’ is purely an emotional drive while Tanishq ‘To my dad with love’ is her little sister who can tempt you. The rest simply strive to gain fan love through incentives and brand promotions.

Tell us which is your favourite only if it isn’t Oreo’s Dear Dad! Did you come across any Father’s Day engagement on Facebook that excited you?

Slider image courtesy: http://www.timeanddate.com

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