I Love You… But Go Away!

Sometimes, unfriending someone is far too drastic of an action… but even limiting their posts just isn’t enough distance between them and your news feed.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?

Often, we have a pesky family member or business acquaintance that we can not afford to unfriend, but we’re sick and tired of hearing from.

Fortunately, Facebook makes it really easy to “Hide” a person from the news feed… without ever notifying the recipient that they’ve been hidden!

How To Hide All Posts From An Individual From Our Newsfeed

First, click on “Facebook” to ensure you are in your news feed. Then hover over the person’s name in your news feed… and when the pop-up shows up, hover over the “Friend” button. (Note: There is a matching friend button on their profile timeline that works the same way.) In the pop-out menu, uncheck the “Show in News Feed” option to hide this individual from the news stream.

How To UnHide An Individual, Previously Hidden, From Our Newsfeed

So what happens when you change your mind?

Maybe you had someone who was moaning about something you couldn’t handle hearing at the moment… but in three months you know they’re better and you want them back in your feed?

First, click on “Facebook” to ensure you are in your news feed. Then in the left sidebar, hover your mouse to the right of the word “News Feed” and when the pencil and drop-down opens, select “Edit Settings”. In the settings menu, locate the hidden friend, and use the little “X” to the right of their name to unhide them. Save your settings.

So that’s all there is to it… now you know how to quickly and easily hide and unhide a friend from your news feed.

(And best of all, they have no way of knowing you did this so can not feel offended beyond the fact that you never reply to their stuff.)

I find this tool useful both for family that I need to stay connected to (but not listen to) and to business colleagues that are working avidly on industries I have no interest in (but which I need to remain connected to them for relationship reasons).

It’s the perfect solution when unfriending someone is too much … and selecting the content types of theirs that you will see is just not enough!

Enjoy your renewed Facebook news feed sanity!