Escaping the Facebook Group Trap!

With overly-generous “friends” it often seems harder to get OUT of a problematic group than it is to get into it in the first place!

(Remember, adding your friends to a Facebook Group auto-adds them to the group with notifications enabled, without their consent… always ask them first!)

Whether you’ve simply changed your mind about a group or a have found yourself auto-added to one fortunately leaving it is simple…. if you know where to look!

Leaving A Facebook Group

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Leaving A Facebook Group, Screenshot 2

Steps To Leave A Facebook Group

1. Click Facebook
2. Click Groups in your sidebar
3. In the page that opens, select the problematic group
4. Once you have opened the group, in the upper right (down about 2″) you will see a gear icon, click it.
5. The dropdown offers you the “Leave Group” option
6. Click the confirmation leave group button in the popup.

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