Lead generation is one of the best ways to gain new customers. Leads are basically the people that are interested in your products or services that give information about themselves (i.e. emails, contact details). It is a strategy used commonly in customer acquisition. Lead generation takes these interested people through your sales funnel with the goal of closing the sale and eventually making them brand ambassadors.

According to Brightalk’s B2B Lead Generation Report, 53% of B2B marketers say that they allocate half or more than half of their budget on generating leads. Couple that with the biggest social media platform and you have a huge opportunity to acquire the customers you want! With 1.52 billion daily active users, Facebook is no doubt the biggest platform where you can get high quality leads.

The key to successfully generating leads in Facebook is knowing the kind of posts that get the most engagement as these lead to click-throughs or conversions. Let’s look at some of the ways you can make the most out of Facebook lead generation.

lead generation

Cover the basics. Make sure your company has a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group where you can engage potential leads on a regular basis. You also need to have a simple and easy to remember URL for your page and group. It would also be good if you already have a good amount of content ready to be shared to your audience on a regular basis.

Install Facebook Pixel on your website. Pixel is Facebook’s analytic tool that provides insights on how users behave on your website. It is a code that you install on your site to help you retarget your ads and build your audience. For example, if a customer purchases from your site, Facebook pixel is triggered. It reports this action, allowing you to reach the same customer using Facebook ads.

Use Facebook’s Lead Ads. Yes, there is a specific lead ads option on Facebook! Instead of just creating a usual ad, choose a Facebook lead ad which allows you to collect data (names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more) from your potential customers. You can customize questions to find out more about their interests. The leads can also be easily downloaded to your CRM such as MailChimp or Salesforce!

Lead them to the landing page immediately. Whether you’re offering a free e-book, white paper, or report, make the content of your lead ad complete with the link to your landing page. This straight forward approach allows you to reach interested people who are willing to share their information to access what you’re offering. Use a compelling image that is optimized for the size Facebook requires. More importantly, pin your lead generation post at the top of your Facebook page!

Start a contest. Contests engage users quickly because it’s fun! Run a raffle or giveaway and you can expect an overwhelming response. Who doesn’t want freebies? This particular strategy easily drives traffic to your site and generates leads faster than anything else. If all a person needs to do is share his email address to get in, then it’s definitely a no-brainer. The easier the mechanics are, the more engagement and leads you will get.

Share your most viral posts. Revisit your content and determine the best-performing ones. These are the posts that resonated the most with your target audience. Hence, it is worthy to be repurposed and shared in your lead ads. The great thing about this strategy is that you have a proven post already. Add a call to action to maximize the use of your best-performing post.

Lead generation doesn’t need to be tedious. With the right content and tools, you can get the customers you want. Facebook is an excellent platform to jumpstart your lead gen efforts. Plan and execute your strategies diligently to get the most out of your lead ads.