One Simple Little Tweak

Last night, Facebook made a change that enabled the emoticons (smilies) that formerly only worked in chat and private messages, to function in the comment replies.

Smilies not your cup of tea?

Fortunately, you can disable the emoticons with a simple little copy-paste.

First, you’re going to need to grab FBPurity. You’ve likely got a copy of it already since I talk about it so often. It’s free and it’s awesome and it makes Facebook so much better.

FBPurity Custom CSS text box

Then, simply copy paste this code into the custom CSS option.

/* revert smiley icons to text in posts and comments*/
.emote_img {display:none} .emote_text {display:inline}

Hit Save to save your changes and voila!

No more annoying smilies in Facebook comments for you ;)

Blocking the smilies is pretty darn easy and might be a useful way to survive the next few days as many of us spam them like kids in a candy store LOL

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: You’d be amazed at all the things about Facebook you can fix with FBPurity. If you’ve been putting it off, the fact that it can help minimize the political chatter (by blocking political terms) might be a great incentive to give it a go.

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