Put A Halt To Facebook Game-Happy Inviting Friends

We all have “one of those friends” that just can’t stop sending us game (application) invites on Facebook!

They can make us want to pull our hair out (or strangle them)!

Today, one of my friends sent me an email and asked:

Hi Kim
I have a friend that is driving me crazy with game request ,I pulled up her profile and unchecked every thing in her setting and still getting them , like ten a day , I don’t want to unfriend her , what can i do ? you use to be able to hide people like that , she was poking me every day , but i just stop poking her back !

Fortunately, Facebook has a solution for the overly app-happy sorts who just can’t get enough of spamming you with their FB game invites!

On your home page (news feed page) on the left hand side you will find a little element that says something like “3 other app requests”. That is the link that takes you to the requests page.

1. Visit the Requests Page, by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/requests?ref=reminders

2. On this page you will see all of the invites from all of your friends. Some of them are useful… most are not:


3. To the right of any app request sent to you by the offending individual, click the “X” on the app request. This will not only decline the request but will give you some more options…

4. Now, in the yellow box, you will see an option to “Ignore all requests from that individual”. Click on that link, and it will be the LAST app request invite you will get from that individual!

5. Problem solved! No more spammy app invites from a friend that is being obnoxious with them!

(Before you ask, there is not a way to block all app invites, from everyone, forever.)

Hope this makes Facebook much more enjoyable!

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