Easily keep Business Posts to Business Folks….
& Family Posts to Family Folk!

Wish you had more control over who sees your Facebook posts?

Got family and business people and posts together on your profile?

Want to send a post out that only some of your friends can see?

Ready to stop annoying your family with business content?

Ready to learn how you can post on your Facebook wall and have only specific people see (or not see) the post?

If you’ve ever wanted better wall post privacy for your Facebook account, check out this hot tip!

Steps To Control Your Facebook Post Frivacy

1. Make a “Friends” List – separate business & family
2. Use privacy selector
3. Choose Custom
4. Select visibility and / or hide post from any person or list

Now, when you need to post about that thing going on that required a emergency doctors visit, you can share it privately to your family…. while preventing your family from being flooded with business posts.

Facebook now comes with some “smart lists” (which have the colored icons). I don’t like these much as they are autogenerated and change and do not obey many of the rules. I tend to ignore the ones with the colored icons and make my own.

Like it? Love it? Tweet it, Like it, Digg it & leave me a message! I can’t wait to hear the great ideas you guys come up with for using this cool feature!

PS: When structuring your custom lists, think similar to Google Circles. You want just enough to get by and definitely not too many. Making a dozen lists will make you not use them. I separate out “Near & Dear”, Family, Close collaborators, Fans & All SM Contacts and two or three other lists. Don’t make too many.

Details: Original Publication Date 02/18/10
Post Updated: 04/24/12

Image Source: Facebook & Me