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As far as video uploads using 4K format are concerned, Facebook is way behind other platforms.

The video uploading and sharing site went after higher quality content and began supporting ultra-high quality video seven years ago.

According to a TechCrunch report, Facebook has confirmed that it is testing 4K video uploads and viewing using the 2160p resolution.

The 2160p resolution is the same one used in 4K Ultra HD sets.

Before the tests, Facebook only supported 4K video for live 360 videos, which is a recent development by itself as it just started in July.

Regular videos were capped at 720p, which worked fine for videos shot using mobile phones.

HD Videos

The development comes after TechCrunch noted that super high-definition videos have begun appearing on the social network lately.

Some Pages and profiles can now post 4K videos to Facebook and watch them, TechCrunch reported.

Benefit To Facebook’s Watch Tab

The upgrade could boost Facebook’s Watch tab of original videos. Sports, science, travel and fashion videos could especially benefit from the extra pixels,” TechCrunch said.

Meanwhile, Facebook declined to say if it plans to allow the 4K video support to more accounts, Mashable reported.

But the current test should be a promising sign to content creators even if it’s coming much later than many would have liked,” Mashable said.


Mashable also said part of the delay in the implementation of the 4K format for standard video uploads on Facebook could be the social network’s desire to balance its continued investment in video and original programming while maintaining the performance of its apps and website.

Video, especially 4K, is costly and resource intensive, and could slow things down for many users, particularly those with slower connections.”

At least, Mashable added, “Facebook is finally bringing its video into 2017 standards.”

What’s Next?

Facebook is testing the use of the 4K format for all video uploads on the site, so it is expected to increase traffic and video viewing.

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